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The history of Vaya con Dios - the Belgian music band

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  The world famous music group created by musicians, united around of woman singer Dani Klein, the fantastic woman, who working as the vocalist in many Belgian groups (for example, in “Catalog of Cool”) in the beginning of the career.

    The Belgian music band “Vaya con Dios” as band was generated in 1985 in the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium - in Flanders. Initially into structure of group entered Dani Klein - a vocal, Dirk Schoufs - a bass of “The Wild Ones” band and Willy Lambegt - the guitarist from group “Scabs”. Besides one time Willy Lambegt worked together with Dani Klein in music band “Arbeid Adelt!”. For the first time they have acted at opening ceremony of shop of the them friends. Their first work, single Just a Friend of Mine (1986) shows predilection of band for acoustic tools and for music in the Spanish style. It becomes unexpected this single a hit both in Belgium, and in Europe (300.000 sold copies only in France). In such image their career also began.

   After a while Willy Lambegt, preferring music in the rock-and-roll style, makes a decision to leave “Vaya con Dios” band and to return to group “Scabs” (in his opinion, “Vaya con Dios” was not “rock-n-roll enough”). Thus, the first full album which released in 1987 and has received the name as the band name - Vaya con Dios, was recording with the invited musicians. Singles Puerto Rico and Don't cry for Louie have opened still a lot of doors for the group. For the period of record Puerto Rico Bert Decorte (he was working at the end of the seventieth in group “The Mistress”) has joined to the group “Vaya con Dios”.

Vaya con Dios. Night Owls    The second album Night Owls above which musicians worked in current almost three years (it has released in 1990), continues a successful history of group (with the hits similar melancholic What’s a woman and cheerful Nah neh nah, becoming rather popular in Europe). Spanish flamenco is replaced on “old American hits of the musical automatic device, though and with successful includes with both the gipsy music and the French chanson”. This album has brought to group the world popularity.

   In 1991 pair Dirk Schoufs and Dani Klein lose interest to each other, and Dirk leaves the group. Soon, as it is not sad, he dies from the illness connected to drugs. Thus, woman vocalist Dani Klein remains unique of initial structure of a trio “Vaya con Dios” (by the way, since 1987 the group ceases to be a trio, its structure includes also other participants). Dani Klein decides to keep the name of the group and continues work. The occurred events rendered the big influence on the singer, and album Time Flies which has been released year later, is the most gloomy in creativity of the group. In texts of songs huge sincere sufferings, are felt by the singer. In the musical plan there are quotations from melodies of Latin America. In essence, this album - entirely product Dani Klein which explains, that the group has actually turned to the singer, in “the fatal woman” - “femme fatale”.

   In opinion of the recording company, this album should lift group up to the status of the superstar, but it does not occur. Gloomy, but mediocre in opinion of many critics single Heading for a fall has very strong rotation on MTV, but, nevertheless, it does not make the big impression.

   Since 1991 the group practically has no constant members (excluding, certainly Dani Klein). Despite of it, popularity “Vaya con Dios” continues to grow, the group finds set of admirers worldwide (it is especially popular in Germany, France and Scandinavia) and musicians in 1993 make very successful world tour.

Vaya con Dios   At the same time work above new songs which enter into album Roots and Wings, released in 1995 proceeds. It not strongly changes musical style of the group (mainly a rhythm-n-blues, but to this time with some displacement of musical accents aside the Indian and Arabian motives). The album is written down on Muscle Shoals Studios in Alabama (legendary studio where such artists as Etta James and Aretha Franklin are recording). The horn section from Muscle Shoals accompanies Dani in her European tour in 1996. Her son, 19-years old Simon Schoovaerts acts together with her on a stage and plays on a keyboard.

   The group “Vaya con Dios” became the recognized leader in music world. However, after the sold 7,000,000 copies of albums, Dani Klein feels like ensnared the success. In 1996 she decides that is full up that circus to which the group has turned, and, to disappointment of huge number of the admirers, temporarily leaves show-business for “to travel and live the life”. She has explained an event several years later: “In the latest stage of work in group did not bring any pleasure. “Vaya con Dios” resembled the machine which should continue to move in spite of on anything. I had to cancel last concerts because I felt like the patient, the pressure was awful. At me was not more spiritual сonnections with musicians, they only came to make the work, for two months. I at all did not know, whether they loved music. We did not speak about such things. No, it any more was not my cup of tea. But I assume, what exactly and should happen - you start with small, and then the thing starts to become greater and greater”. She has explained in interview with Peter Van Dyck in “Weekend-Knack”: “Pressure all became higher, expectations for each new album have grown too strongly”.

   Nevertheless, has not passed also four years as Dani Klein again appears on a musical stage, already with the new group named Purple Prose.

   “Vaya con Dios” rendered the big influence on music world. For example, in 1996 Jan Delvaux say about a debut single “I'm seeking something that has already found me” by Ozark Henry as follows: “Ozark Henry has joined to a line gifted Belgian recyclists ("dEUS", "Evil Superstars", "Vaya Con Dios"...) which surprise the world more and more frequently”.

   The name of the group “Vaya con Dios” is the Spanish expression meaning “Go with God”. This usual Spanish farewell.

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