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The history of Purple Prose - the Belgian music band

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   “Purple Prose” - blues music group of Brussels with “veteran” musicians among whom there is a former woman vocalist of the group Vaya con Dios - Dani Klein, come back in the center of attention after several years of absence with a debut album of group 13 songs by Purple Prose. This difficult returning is similar to a dazzling feat. That is surprising for such powerful work, the album has appeared completely casually.

   Vaya con Dios.Purple ProseThe group has been created, when Thierry Plas and Marc Ysaye - both members of a symphonic rock group of the seventieth “Machiavel” which what that in the image has revived at the end of the ninetieth (Thierry Plas is the known studio musician, he played with Pierre Rapsat and with the group Vaya con Dios, and Marc Ysaye is the drummer of blues group “Burning Plague” and besides known and influential DJ on Radio 21) - played together with Jan Cordemans and Werner Braito - former participants of group “Responsibles”, and Jan frequently played with Rick Tubbax, and Werner in the past also played structure Vaya con Dios. “It was only for an fun,” - notices Marc. “Some friends who knew each other during the long time, playing together. But suddenly we have started to create surprising sounds”. As the result of it jamsession, in opinion these gentlmens, was so good, they have begun searches of the singer. They have heard many singers, but anybody completely did not approach them. Nevertheless, to they had not to search too for a long time really good singer (more precisely, the woman singer) as the girlfriend of Mr. Plas, Dani Klein - the vocalist of the group Vaya con Dios which have stopped the existence - was ready to undertake this work as she has already enough had a rest after restless times Vaya con Dios. “As a joke, I have asked guys, would not like to hear they of me”, - speak Dani. - “To my surprise, they have agreed. So I have come and began to play from them in studio. All has simply risen on the places”.

   In the liberated and family atmosphere of domestic studio they have started to work and recording songs in current almost one and a half years. Main principle of the given work was that all should “be direct”. “All of us really well knew each other, to all of us about forty years old, we already do not have constant prompting to test itself. Was so more likely: we gather, and we see, that turns out. Besides all of us well earn for a life the activity outside of group. There was no pressure”. “All this turned out so easily”, - recollects Jan - “I never saw that - or similar for all musical career. It was magic time”.

   Nevertheless, in the project were engaged seriously enough. Dani has admitted in interview to “Weekend Knack”: “that, for example, the choice of the name has occupied some meetings. All was indispensable really well, but on this time I want to take success in an own hand, I want to choose interview and performances”. Loud popularity of names of participants of group has enabled them to deal BMG.

   This experience has repeatedly woken in Dani Klein passion to creation of music. Exhausted after feverish, during in a decade, works in Vaya con Dios, seeing as the group has sold seven millions records worldwide, she was in long holiday after work above the last album, left in 1995 - Roots and Wings. “I needed time to stay one”, - she tells - “and I wondered, that I really want from a life”.

   “In the musical plan (in this album) we have managed to keep spontaneity of meetings”, - speaks Dani Klein. “All of us came from extremely various musical sources which each of us has thrown in this soup”. “These days”, - continues Dani, - “I more and more got under influence of a chanson while bass player Jan has been inspired such experimenting, vanguard artisits as John Cale and Robert Wyatt. The guitar idols of Thierry concern Richard Thompson and Paul Weller. As need to the representative of the most popular rock-show on radio of Belgium, Marc Ysaye imitates John Bonhem from Led Zeppelin, to one of the his favourite drummers”. “Not that it is so obvious in this album”, - is dared he, - “I play completely differently, than usually - is much softer”. And accordion player Werner - which for the first time has appeared in life Dani at record of first album Vaya con Dios - is the selfless ancient fanatic of a blues.

Vaya con Dios.Purple Prose   On debut СD, released in 1999, the description approved, that the mix of musical preferences of various members of group was poured out in “energetic album with daring eclecticism” though other heard rather whimsical, melancholic album with a plenty of life experience and the big skill. The album completely unites such various directions as fate, a chanson, a blues, country, and even a tango. In less skilled hands, such courageous eclecticism could end with chaotic collision of genres. Instead of it, being exciting proof of skill of these Brusselles musicians strongly worth on their foots, the album 13 songs by Purple Prose became surprising success.

   Thierry Plas precisely describes an album as “gently furious”. 13 songs which gloomy lyrics is imposed on gentle, touching music which sometimes raises up to dizzy euphoria. Slowly - lighting a melancholy of songs Who Wants To Be Lonely? and Little Death stands near to hypnotic, on - sorcery lingering sounding Southern Moon and impacts The Voices Warned Me beating by a ricochet.

   Texts of songs basically are written Dani Klein with help of Ian Ramsey, poets Jacques Crickillon and Suzanna Strub in English, Spanish, French and German. “There is a pair songs in French in first two albums Vaya con Dios”, explains Dani. “But in album of Purple Prose a words going in my head in that language which looked the most suitable for the music. All this was very direct”. Dani Klein sees Purple Prose as a sketch of completely new horizons. “Лирически, I wanted to depart from writing about myself, to make words more poetical and abstract. It more likely a history about imagined things, than about me. More universal”.

   We shall be repeated again, but it - that thing to which all group addresses when wants to sum up to a sound of an album. “The spontaneity - that way as which all of us prefer to work”, - concludes Thierry - “Spontaneity gives our music its liberated, natural air. There is a certain heat and gloom in such way - and all these things go in all sincerity”.

   The group already has made some large performances at festivals in Belgium (among which, perhaps, it is allocated performance on main stage at Marktrock), in France and Switzerland. New adagio Dani Klein remains to the following: “I want to construct the following phase of my career in really quiet image. To play from time to time, without too big pressure, and with sufficient freedom to be engaged in other affairs. I do not want to pack again ever the suitcases to go in three-monthly tour”.

   It is necessary to note, that in 1999 Thierry and Marc also worked above new the album for a long time broken group “Machiavel” which at this time has found forces to make record of completely new album. The album “Virtual Sun” has been released on nothing the suspecting world on 20-th of January and still continues to lift enthusiasm in Vallonia. To the north from language border reaction to an album can be expressed in a result by two words “What So?”

Materials from BMG Ariola Switzerland - "Purple Prose Biography" and from Belgian Pop&Rock Archive have been used at creation of this website

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