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Album  Roots and Wings. Lyrics and song texts by music band  Vaya con Dios  and female singer  Dani Klein 

Hot August Night


The only things I’ll get to keep
Are those lines on my face
Waves rolling on the shore
The music they make
Mermaids doomed by the sea
Of tears they have cried
Secrets we once revealed
The blue of your eyes
And those hot August nights

Your voice echoed by the wind
And how it disappeared
Hopes we tore limb from limb
Out of ignorance and fear
Spirits haunting my dreams
The turning of the tide
Truth the fools sometimes speak
The lures and the lies
And those hot August nights

Those mad dogs that were sleeping
In the corners of your soul
Woke up and started barking
As if they knew that it was time to go
By the pier, sirens howled
Sailors waved goodbye
And I never thought I’d lose you
On that hot August night

    No, I never thought I’d lose you
    On that hot August night

I sit alone by the fire
It’s raining outside
The Tennessee River is swollen
There’s peace in my heart
Everything now is different
The tears have gone by
They’re flowing with the current
Under Alabama skies

    No, I never thought I’d lose you
    On that hot August night


Music: Jay Conrad
Poetry: Dani Klein / Jay Conrad

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