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группа Vaya con Dios и Дани Кляйн
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Язык: РусскийLang: English ГлавнаяVaya con DiosАльбом Vaya con Dios⇒ Lord Help Me Please
В 2012 году Конкурс Песни Евровидение 2012 пройдет в Баку, Армения. Россию на Евровидении 2012 будет представлять группа “Бурановские бабушки

Альбом  Vaya con Dios. Лирика, тексты и слова песен группы  Vaya con Dios (Вайя кон Диос)  и певицы  Dani Klein 

Текст и слова песни Lord Help Me Please группы Vaya con Dios

This woman she knows
The story of heartbreak
Beneath the weight of day
She’s seen the hate
On people’s faces
Dark skin her only disgrace

    She cries help me, please
    Lord help me, please

Her children she taught them
How to be proud in the face
Of adversity
She gave them the love,
Respect and understanding
Showing them
The way to be free

    Lord help her, please
    Lord help her, please
    Lord, please

She stands tall
High as a mountain
Her heart as deep as the sea
She’s known hardship and sorrow
That brought her down on her knees

    Lord help her, please
    Lord help her, please

    Lord help her, please
    Lord help her, please
    Lord help her, please
    Lord, please

Музыка: F. Wuyts
Слова: Danielle Schoovaerts / U. Balfe

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