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группа Vaya con Dios и Дани Кляйн
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Язык: РусскийLang: English ГлавнаяPurple Prose13 Songs⇒ I Didn’t Know
В 2012 году Конкурс Песни Евровидение 2012 пройдет в Баку, Армения. Россию на Евровидении 2012 будет представлять группа “Бурановские бабушки

Альбом  13 Songs by Purple Prose. Лирика, тексты и слова песен группы  Purple Prose (ex-Vaya con Dios)  и певицы  Dani Klein 

Текст и слова песни I Didn’t Know группы Purple Prose (ex-Vaya con Dios)

The car bristled with silence
That summer morning
Thoughts unspoken burned
So violent, a fiery warning
That you were slipping out of sight
Slowly sinking
Like a noteless suicide
I said nothing. I didn’t know
Which way to go
I couldn’t grow in your shadow
In a storm of loneliness
I was disappearing
The sad light of your life
You watched it fading
A ghost in your garden
Was I so frightening?
Shedding childhood like a snake
As quick as lightening
You didn’t know
Girls have to grow
I was aglow, I had to go
The wolves waitin’ in the woods
Were sure good-looking
The lure of their lairs
Was so liberating
But troubled hands and lips
Leave a hungry feeling
There are no moon or stars
In a low, dark ceiling
I didn’t know
How the river would flow
My ribbons and bows
Lay in the meadow
I felt so low, I didn’t know
How to say no, I felt so low
I didn’t know but now I know

Музыка: Dani Klein / Werner Braito / Jan Cordemans / Thierry Plas / Marc Ysaye
Слова: Dani Klein / Ian Ramsey

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