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группа Vaya con Dios и Дани Кляйн
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Язык: РусскийLang: English ГлавнаяPurple Prose13 Songs⇒ The Heart Hunts Alone
В 2012 году Конкурс Песни Евровидение 2012 пройдет в Баку, Армения. Россию на Евровидении 2012 будет представлять группа “Бурановские бабушки

Альбом  13 Songs by Purple Prose. Лирика, тексты и слова песен группы  Purple Prose (ex-Vaya con Dios)  и певицы  Dani Klein 

Текст и слова песни The Heart Hunts Alone группы Purple Prose (ex-Vaya con Dios)

He met her by the water
Like blood her lips,
Sweet and red
There was snow on the fields
Bare black trees, skies of lead
And he knew he’d never forget
How the day woke with her
The sly tilt of her head
Every glance like a chorus
From heaven
As they walked in silence
From the life they had led
The heart hunts alone
In a hood of stone
As hope bides its time
Waiting and blind
For the next crime
Some blows go beyond hurt
The things that she said
Flaunting like a flag
Her indifference
The world won’t stop laughing
And it’s crushing his head
The visions he fed
In the ice of his head
Now the snow looks the same
But the day sparks and flames
And her lips, her lips taste so dead

Музыка: Dani Klein / Werner Braito / Jan Cordemans / Thierry Plas / Marc Ysaye
Слова: Dani Klein / Ian Ramsey

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