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  Biography of woman singer Dani Klein

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   Dani Klein - the versatile Belgian woman singer and the author of songs (her true name - Danielle Schoovaerts) which has resulted  Vaya con Dios  music band in success and the international recognition.

   After several years of work in group she has decided to finish this project and has joined to new music band - Purple Prose.

Vaya con Dios. Purple Prose    Before to generate Vaya con Dios music band, Dani Klein already had behind the shoulders long career of the singer. She worked as the back-vocalist in “Catalog of Cool”, and also during short time was the leading vocalist in group “Arbeid Adelt!”.

   The music band “Arbeid Adelt!” has been generated in 1981 people by name Marcel Vanthilt and Jean Van Roelen. In 1985 the band “Arbeid Adelt!” (which has at that time consisted from all same Marcel Vanthilt and Jean Van Roelen) became better with leaving Luc Van Acker, which guitarist Willy-Willy (Willy Lambegt), earlier playing in band “Scabs” has replaced. To same time in group also there has come vocalist Dani Klein, at that time the back-vocalist in group “Catalog of Cool”. Together they have written down a single “Decoiffé / Stroom”. Soon the group has broken up because of divergences in opinions with writing down firm. “They perceived us as clowns. They refused to publish songs which represented that we made, and have have released “Stroom” and “ Witte kom hie ”. Both these songs were quite good jokes, good to laugh at alive performance, but did not approach for the first release after two years after your last record” - spoke at that time Marcel. Also the situation was aggravated with various sights at the future of group of its participants. After split of group by several years later Marcel Vanthilt began VJ on MTV. In 1990 it has interviewed at Dani Klein for videotape Vaya con Dios, released in the same year. During it the interview which has been written down during trip to Athenes, Greece, Dani tells about a history of band Vaya con Dios much, speaks about background and the future plans.

   It is some examples from career Dani Klein. Some transfers of commercial TV also have taken advantage of her improbable voice.

   Dani Klein has surprisingly strong voice and very specific sensation of that music which she sings. All this allocates her from set of other singers. Dani Klein's songs are filled with a wide range of musical styles. Also it concerns and to her albums: Each album strongly differs one from another, everyone - unique assembly of the songs going from heart and with all the heart.

   In 1990 Dani Klein has represented herself as the producer of song “Bridge to your heart” - by the Belgian blues band “Blue Blot”. This song was part of the second album of music band carrying the same name - “Bridge to your heart”.

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