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  Concerts of group Vaya con Dios and woman singer Dani Klein

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    Certainly, it not ALL concerts, but only on what I have found though any usefull information. And though at present the list is small, in due course, I hope, it becomes longer.


    1989 year, Tokyo Music Festival. Performance in Tokyo

    1990 year, 9th, October. Stockholm, Konserthuset. Concert in Stockholm, Sweden. The additional information - on a site http://www.sweconpos.com/samlingenv.htm

    Between 1992 and 1993 years. Turku, TurkuHall. Concert in hall TurkuHall, city Turku, Finland. At opening of this hall (not concert !) acted Mireille Mathieu itself. Also José Carreras, Montserrat Caballé, Alice Cooper, Status Quo, Julio Iglesias, Placido Domingo, Sting, Vanessa Mae, Janet Jackson, Eros Ramazotti,monsters of millenium” - Manowar and Motorhead acted here. By the way, also our Moscow Circus here acted. The additional information - on a site http://www.turkuhalli.fi/uk/html/historia.cfm

    1993 year, 27th, March. Frankfurt, Alte Oper. Concert in Frankfurt, Germany. The additional information - on a site http://www.cdrs.dial.pipex.com/list/cd.vay.f199.shtml

    1993 year, 23th something (giugno or giu by Italic. I don’t know, how translate it. Unfortunately, it is bad at me with Italian language... May be, who knowing, will prompt ?). AREZZO WAVE - European Rock Festival. Performance at 7-th festival AREZZO WAVE, in COMUNE DI AREZZO, PROVINCIA DI AREZZO, REGIONE TOSCANA, COMUNITA' EUROPEA, PIAZZA GRANDE, Italy.. The additional information - on a site http://www.arezzowave.com/passateedizioni/edizione1993.phtml

    1996 year. Night of the Proms Festival. Participation in festival Night of the Proms. This festival - one of the most popular and visited events in Europe. Its basic idea - to unit classical and pop - has been offered by two Belgian students, Jan Van Esbroeck and Jan Vereecke at 1984 year. (By the way, groupVaya con Dios, as well as Joe Cocker, were representatives of  “classic pop-music”.) For the first time the festival has passed October, 19-th, 1985. For all history of festivals in them took part Sting, Status Quo, Chris de Burgh and other known musicians. The additional information - on a site http://www.notp.com/?country=fr&menuitem=4

    1996 year, 29th, March. Geneva, Geneva Arena. Concert on platform Geneva Arena, Geneva, Switzerland. The platform contains 9000 spectators, it is the most capacious hall as Switzerland, and the next France. Except for groupVaya con Dios here acted such known singers and groups, as Celin Dion, David Bowie, Lenny Kravitz, Sting, AC/DC, Mylene Farmer, Scorpions, The Cure, Tina Turner, Jean Michele Jarre, Status Quo, Phill Collins, Joe Cocker, Genesis, Patricia Kaas, Elton John, The Cranberries and many others. The additional information - on a site http://www.geneva-arena.com/web/programmation_historique.htm

    1996 year, 8..13th, July. Brasov Golden Stag Festival, Romania. Performance as the invited stars in Romania, at 9-th festival under the account in Brasov. From other stars there also were Tom Jones, Coolio, MN8, Soul II Soul, La Bouche, Monica Anghel, Silvia Dumitrescu, Loredana Groza, Adrian Daminescu, Stereo. The additional information - on a site http://www.brasovtravelguide.ro/bv-en/annual-events/cerb/1996/stars.php

    1996 year, August. Sopot Song Festival. Poland. At this festival from the western stars except for groupVaya con Dios acted Deep Forest, La Bouche, Kelly Family. Nevertheless, groupVaya con Dios and its vocalist Dani Klein had been named the main sight of festival. The group has executed the best hits - Nah, Nah, Nah, What’s a Woman, Puerto Rico. The additional information - on a site http://www.warsawvoice.pl/old/v410/Buzz00.html

    1999 year, 23th Мая. FORTE RIGA Music Festival, Kipsala Exhibition Hall. On this festival BMG had presented new group of Dani Klein - Purple Prose. By the way, in the same place (and then) BMG had presented our, Russian girl-singer - Linda. The additional information - on a site http://www.bt1.lv/forte-riga/html/festiv.htm

    1999 year, 14th August. Marktrock. Performance at musical festival in Marktrock, Belgium. The additional information - on a sitehttp://www.marktrock.be/1999/nl/concertbydatesummary.cfm?urlDate=5 (unfortunately, the site works on Cold Fusion and half of references on it not working. But something all the same works)

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