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The interesting facts about Eurovision Song Contest or statistics knows all.

   It is possible to say, that Eurovision Song Contest - the child of San Remo Song Festival

   Ireland appeared the best on the Eurovision - the Irish executors occupied the first places of 7 times, 3 times - for the period with 1992 for 1994. the Great Britain won first place 5 times and the second place - 15 times. Belgium, Norway and Finland occupied the second places on 8 times everyone. Luxembourg and France won Eurovision Song Contest on five times everyone while Netherlands and Sweden have managed to win competition on four times everyone. Russia while never won the first place, but has once taken the second place with young singer Alsu (in 2000) and once taken third place with duet Tatu (in 2003)

   The most successful individual executor on Eurovision Song Contest was Johnny Logan from Ireland. He won on Eurovision Song Contest twice as the singer and once - as the author of won songs.

   The most known winner Eurovision Song Contest was Swedish group ABBA. Their victory with a song “Waterloo” on Eurovision Song Contest in 1974 has opened doors for group and has allowed to make successful international career.

   There are people which think of importance of in what order each country will act. The some people think, that the country which appears on 13-th place, will not act very well - only twice executors acted 13th, have managed to win. There can be people who not begins to vote for 13-th executor for the superstitious reasons. Others asked a question that is better - to act as the first or last, whether it is necessary to act between the similar countries or various. Latvia acted as 21-st in 2000 year, 9-th in 2001 and 23-th in 2002. In 2002 year Slovenia acted before Latvia, and Lithuania - after. Experience of these three years shows, that the Latvian singers succeed, if they appear to the conclusion of a concert.

   Experts speak, that the majority of songs which are executed on Eurovision Song Contest - about love in this or that relation. Two thirds of songs are executed in English or in French. It is supposed, that these two languages are languages which can help with achievement of success.

The some part of materials has been taken from a site  Eurovision - Interesting  facts
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