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Rules of the Eurovision Song Contest 2004

     Rules of other years 

        Part 2



    1.    All Participating Broadcasters acknowledge that any sharing of the marketing revenue between the EBU, the Host Broadcaster and the other Participating Broadcasters shall be subject to a separate arrangement for each year.

    2.    A guaranteed minimum of the 2004 marketing revenue, shall be shared among the Participating Broadcasters to reduce their participation fees.

    3.    The share of the total revenue shall be distributed to Participating Broadcasters during a period between 30 days before and 90 days after the Contest Final, depending on when such revenue is received by the EBU from the marketing partners.

    4.    In consultation with the EBU and TEAM, the host broadcaster shall explore national marketing opportunities in the host country which would not be in conflict with the main international sponsorship s or other exclusive arrangements.


    1.    All rights to the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest are exclusively owned and managed by the EBU for the benefit of the participating Members and the Host Broadcaster.

    2.    The marketing rights include, without limitation, on a world-wide basis:

    (a)   Sponsorship;

    (b)   Broadcast sponsorship, including on-screen credits, for all transmissions of the Contest Finals;

    (c)   Scoreboard sponsorship;

    (d)   Overall off-screen sponsorship;

    (e)   Jury-room sponsorship;

    (f)   Green Room sponsorship, where possible;

    (g)   Telecommunications, such as premium rate telephone services and televoting, interactive services, and all rights for mobile / wireless content or similar services;

    (h)   Corporate / sponsor, VIP and media hospitality;

    (i)   Suppliers;

    (j)   Merchandising and licensing;

    (k)   Exhibitions;

    (l)   Gala dinners;

    (m)   Official website sponsorship and Internet content rights;

    (n)   All sales of broadcasting rights to non-Participating Broadcasters;

    (0)   Compilation and archive rights from 2004 onwards (The EBU and TEAM shall not exploit any of these rights with any broadcaster from the same territory as a Participating Broadcaster).


    1.    Each Participating Broadcaster shall enter a national song. The national selection procedure will be decided by each broadcaster as it deems fit.

    2.    The entry (lyrics and music) must not have been commercially released before 1 October 2003.

    3.    The maximum duration of each song is three minutes. Any entry which is longer than three minutes may be disqualified by the EBU  after consultation with the Reference Group.

    4.    Each act may consist of a maximum of six people on stage.

    5.    All artists must be aged at least 16 on the day of the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 Contest Qualification Final (12th May 2004.)

    6.    Each artist may compete for only one country in the Contest Final. It is not permissible for any artist to compete on behalf of two or more countries.

    7.    Participating Broadcasters may decide what language their artists may sing in.

    8.    Artists shall perform live on stage, accompanied by a recorded backing-track without vocals of any kind or any vocal imitations. The Host Broadcaster shall verify respect of this rule.

    9.    Artists may make a written request to the Host Broadcaster to have a drum kit, and/or grand piano, available on stage. Such written request must be made at the latest by the Heads of Delegation meeting, March 22 2004.

    10.    Artists may make a written request to the Host Broadcaster, during the Heads of the Delegation meeting, March 22-23 2004, at the latest, to have other instruments and /or stage design elements on stage for decorative purposes. No such instruments on stage shall be connected to a microphone. (Dummy microphones shall be possible). If the request is acceptable to the Host Broadcaster, the latter shall confirm its permission in writing.

    11.    Changes to the lyrics, the name of the artist or group, the title of the song and the language of the song’s performance (i.e. all elements that appear in printed material such as brochures, CD covers and booklets) shall be allowed only up until the Heads of Delegation meeting, March 22-23 2004. Any later changes may only be approved by the Host Broadcaster, in consultation with the EBU Executive Supervisor.

    12.    The lyrics and/or performance of the songs shall not bring the Contest Final or the Eurovision Song Contest as such into disrepute.

Source:    http://www.eurovision.tv/

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