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The review of the Grand Final of Eurovision Song Contest 2004 and personal impressions from viewing the Contest

Hosters of the  Eurovision Song Contest 2004 - Meltem Cumbul и Korhan Abay    I am interested in the Eurovision only from last year as a matter of fact, therefore as the introduction I would like to compare the  Eurovision 2004  and the  Eurovision 2003. Guest star Sertab Erener on stage of the Eurovision Song Contest 2004Contest was less interesting at this year, in my opinion.The organization (First of all I speak about the official website of the Contest) was worse. The Latvian website was much more informative at the last year. It was more convenient also. Cards (which was showed before performance of each participant) were much more interesting at the last year. The small reporting about the participant of Contest (before his performance) is more pertinent on sense, than the story about beauty of  Turkey. The Latvian hosters were more funny, than Turkish hosters. The Contest of this year was more official. However the Contest of this year has doubtless achievement - only televiewers can vote this year, instead of figures from culture. Now only the cretin can tell, that the choice of the winner of the Contest is caused by politics.

Participant from Spain - singer Ramon on the  Eurovision Song Contest 2004   1.  Spain and Ramón - Para Llenarme De Ti. This participant is interesting enough. It is not boring to listen to him at least. But performance could be made more energetic for a song in the Latin American style. Ramon’s song has sound like songs from the Mexican soap operas. For example, Ramon’s performance could resemble performances during a carnival at Rio de Janeiro. It is my opinion. In that case Spain could take place higher than 10, probably. Website about Ramon is placed here:  http://www.portalmix.com/triunfo/ramon/


Participants from Austria- group Tie Break on the  Eurovision Song Contest 2004   2.  Austria and Tie Break - Du Bist. Thouse guys sing good, I guess. Music is pleasant too. But, in my opinion, it is usual boy-band, which not distinguished from other similar groups anything especially. May be some girls will like that, but I don't. I have not fallen asleep during their performance, certainly, but it was boringly for me. I could not remember neither group, nor their song. And it is completely not interesting to me to listen their this song at second time. But illumination was beautiful, including a light floor. Website of group Tie Break  is placed here:  http://www.tie-break.at/


Participant from Norway - singer Knut Anders on the  Eurovision Song Contest 2004   3.  Norway and Knut Anders - High. The Norwegian sings not bad. But this song obviously will not a hit. I could not remember neither song, nor the singer after some days of Contest. By the way, the last year's song of  Norway was similar. It was mediocre performance. But I do not think, that it has deserved last place. The official website of  Knut Anders is placed here: http://www.knutanders.com/


Participant from France - singer Jonatan Cerrada on the  Eurovision Song Contest 2004   4.  France and Jonatan Cerrada - À Chaque Pas. This another mediocre performance. And it was boring. Besides I have not understood that the group of dancers symbolized. The foolish association at me has arisen - dancers has been employed from among patients of psychiatric clinic. It was one of the most uninteresting performances, in my opinion. The singer has good voice, but it is not capable to save the situation. Website of  Jonatan Cerrada  is placed here: http://www.jonatancerrada.free.fr/


Participant from Serbia and Montenegro - singer Zeljko Joksimovic on the  Eurovision Song Contest 2004   5.  Serbia & Montenegro and Željko Joksimovic - Lane moje. Excellent performance! And it was on the native language of the singer, that is big plus, in my opinion. It is too much English language on Contest, I believe... It was very beautiful song. Though I not love songs of such plan very much, but it are my personal preferences. The second place for Serbia and Montenegro - is quite fair. As a matter of  fact, Željko more deserve the first place, than Ukraine, in my opinion. Though I did not vote for him. Official site of  Željko Joksimovic  is placed here: http://www.zeljkojoksimovic.com/


Participants from Malta - duet Julie and Ludwig on the Eurovision Song Contest 2004   6.  Malta and duet  Julie & Ludwig - On Again Off Again. Julie & Ludwig  were my favorites, generally. They sing very beautifully, in my opinion. I judged version of song, that I downloaded at February. And when I have heard them in the Grand-Final, the first impression which has arisen at me - something not good. It was audible something like rattles or hissing when Julie sang … Likely, it simply has unluck to malteses. Probably, they have got tired during rehearsals and during Qualifying Round, probably, it were problems with the sound equipment. By the way, the duet really complained on sound during rehearsals... It is a pity, that all has turned out so. But this one was of the best performances, despite of all problems, in my opinion. And the girl was very beautiful ;-). I would buy their CDs with pleasure. The official site of duet Julie & Ludwig  is placed here:  http://www.ludwigandjulie.com/


Participants from Netherlands - duet Re-Union on the Eurovision Song Contest 2004   7.  Netherlands and Re-Union - Without You. It is one more boy-band. And it is one more mediocre performance. It is intended for to listen and forget it only. It was boringly and not especially interestingly. By the way, I can’t distinguish  Re-Union  from Tie Break on hearing. Official website of  Re-Union  is placed here:  http://www.re-union.nl/


Participant from Germany - singer Max (Maximilian Mutzke) on the Eurovision Song Contest 2004   8.  Germany and Max (Maximilian Mutzke) - Can’t Wait Until Tonight. It was mediocre performance too. It is boring again. Such unostentatious song may be will good for any club program, but for participation in such big European Contest - not will. The eighth place for Germany was too high, in my opinion. Site of  Max is placed here:  http://www.maxmutzke.de/


Participant from Albania - female singer Anjeza Shahini on the Eurovision Song Contest 2004   9.  Albania and Anjeza Shahini - The Image of You (Imazhi Yt). It was absolutely other thing. It is both cheerful and beautiful. It was pleasant to me very much. And girl has a strong voice also. She is beautiful enough besides. By the way, I heard the preliminary version of  her song - Imazi It, and I has not liked this version very much. But the English (competitive) version appeared much better. An excellent debut it was, in my opinion. I could not solve, for whom I will vote - for Albania or for Belgium (if malteses have not sung so well), as a matter of  fact. And I have voted for Belgium - Xandee’s song was more vigorous. Anjeza Shahini is another performer, which CDs I, perhaps, may buy.


Participant from Ukraina (and the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2004) - female singer Ruslana (Ruslana Lyzhychko)   10.  Ukraina and Ruslana (Ruslana Lyzhychko) - Wild Dances. It, undoubtedly, was the most effective show. And light illumination was excellent too. Music was similar to last year’s song of  Sertab Erener, by the way. However I don’t think, that it was the best performance. A voice of  Ruslana was a little bit rude (at least, in this song), but beautiful. And the singer first of all the businesswoman, energetic and aggressive businesswoman, and then, actually, the singer. I don’t like it. But it, certainly, my personal opinion. It is very good, of course, that Ukraine has won the Contest, but I think, that Ruslana is worthy place in the first three, but not first place. Official website of  Ruslana Lyzhychko is placed here:  http://www.ruslana.com.ua/


Participant from Croatia - singer Ivan Mikulich on the Eurovision Song Contest 2004   11.  Croatia and Ivan Mikulich - You Were My Only Love. It was one more good performance. However, I could not remember it from the first time, it was necessary to look it second time. But nevertheless, Mikulich sing beautifully. However, I not want to buy his CDs. By the way, Croatia’s light show was the most beautiful.


Participant from Bosnia and Herzegovina - singer Deen on the Eurovision Song Contest 2004   12.  Bosnia & Herzegovina and Deen - In The Disco. I do not like similar singers, unequivocally. He is able to sing, certainly. And he sing well enough. But his image is not pleasant to me at all… It is from a series “ lady’s man ” ;-). This singer may act in bars with male striptease… He could to involve full halls (Well, it’s a joke ;-). But girls on a stage were beautiful, yes. The official Deen’s website is placed here:  http://www.deenvoice.com/


Participant from Belgium - female singer Xandee on the Eurovision Song Contest 2004   13.  Belgium and Xandee - 1 Life. This performance was in style of 80th years. I like such music, accordingly I have liked Xandee too. It was cheerful performance, and it is perfectly cheers up. Finally, I has voted for Belgium. Light show was good too. Official website of  Xandee  is placed here:  http://www.xandee.com/


Participant from Russia - female singer Julia Savicheva on the Eurovision Song Contest 2004   14.  Russia and Julia Savicheva - Believe Me. To tell the truth, our performance was not oustanding at all. It was not the most bad, but it was not the most good too. It was standard pop song. Certainly, this performance was better, than performance of  Russia at the last year. But show was approximately at the same level, as at France, i.e. it was silly and boring. I am interested, these painted dancers symbolized something by the choreographer’s plan, or how? I believe, that they were looked whether on zombie, whether to consequences of a hang-over, whether on collective unconscious (I don’t know, that this means, but it sounds solidly ;-) Faces of dancers were simply terrible, by the way. But on the other hand, Russia were not strongly dishonoured, and it’s good. At least, Savicheva got some experience… Official website of  Julia Savicheva  is placed here:  http://www.savicheva.ru/


Participant from Macedonia - singer Tose Proeski on the Eurovision Song Contest 2004   15.  Macedonia and Tose Proeski - Life is a Book. This performance was not pleasant to me too. It was at a common level. And it is not remembered absolutely. And the singer sang slightly silently. By the way, the Tose’s image was a little foolish in a coat a la “ Matrix ”. Official website of  Tose Proeski  is placed here:http://www.toseproeski-music.com/


Participant from Greece - singer Sakis Rouvas on the Eurovision Song Contest 2004   16.  Greece and Sakis Rouvas - Shake It. Performance was on good level, certainly, but it was not in my taste. I do not know, why  Sakis Rouvas  was the main favorite of the Contest. His song, likely, will be popular in any disco, but, in my opinion, it has no anything especially oustanding. Girls on a stage were beautiful, however. But, may be I do not understand something? Official website of  Sakis Rouvas  is placed here:  http://www.sakisrouvas.com/


Participant from Iceland - singer Jón Jósep Snjæbjörnsson on the Eurovision Song Contest 2004   17.  Iceland and Jonsi (Jón Jósep Snjæbjörnsson) - Heaven. It was one more mediocre performance. For a female audience. It was not interesting to listen this song for me. And this performance is impossible to compare with last year’s performance of  Birgitta Haukdal.


Participant from Ireland - singer Chris Doran on the Eurovision Song Contest 2004   18.  Ireland and Chris Doran - If the World Stops Turning. It was mediocre performance again. This performance was same, as Iceland’s and Norway’s performances, for example. Songs of these countries not strongly differ one from another, in my opinion. If performance of  Chris Doran has been compared with  Mickey Hаrte’s performance at the last year - Chris Doran was considerably more boring, than  Mickey. And this performance did not contain any Irish originality.


Participants from Poland - group Blue Cafe on the Eurovision Song Contest 2004   19.  Poland and Blue Cafe - Love Song. It was one of the most bad songs, in my opinion. It is created such impression, that the song lasts, lasts and cannot end. I began to fall asleep from a refrain. To tell the truth, it was pleasant for looking at the singer, however. Well, may be Blue Cafe is the quite good group in itself, but Contest’s song was absolutely unsuccessful. And if  Love Song  will been compared with the song from the last year - it is awful. The official website of group  Blue Cafe  is placed here:  http://www.blue-cafe.pl/


Participant from the United Kindom of Great Britain - singer James Fox on the Eurovision Song Contest 2004   20.  The United Kindom of Great Britain and James Fox - Hold on to Our Love. Well, this performance was quite good. It was very good even. The beautiful ballad, and Fox sings perfectly. The website about James Fox is placed here:  http://james-fox.moonfruit.com/.   


Participant from Cyprus - female singer Lisa Andreas on the Eurovision Song Contest 2004   21.  Cyprus and Lisa Andreas - Stronger Every Minute. This song was a little boring. Likely, Lisa Andreas is really similar to Barbara Streisand, but such music isn’t in my taste. But in fact the singer is 16 years old only, and may be she will sing better when she becomes more senior? The webpage about Lisa Andreas is placed here:  http://www.foxrecordsltd.co.uk/lisa.htm


Participants from Turkey - group Athena on the Eurovision Song Contest 2004   22.  Turkey and Athena - For Real. What can I say? Punks - they remain punks at Turkey too, even with rhythms of ska. Probably, the song not is the most melodious, but it very vigorous. Even if it is from other weight category. This performance was pleasant to me. As a matter of fact, it was pleasant to me more, than performance of  Ruslana. I did not think, that the punk is so popular in Europe. In fact only Rammstein there is from groups of such musical style in Europe. And the group has taken the fourth place on the Eurovision Song Contest. It is very quite good. The official website of group Athena is placed here:  http://www.athenasite.com/


Participant from Romania - female singer Sanda Ladosi on the Eurovision Song Contest 2004   23.  Romania and Sanda Ladosi - I Admit. It is one more song in style of 80th years, in my opinion. Performance was quite good, but I cannot tell, that it was very much pleasant to see it. May be because the singer’s image was very original… However, Romania is located in the same place where Transylvania is located… Sanda Ladosi was a little similar to vampire ;-) But, in general, she is beautiful enough. It is possible to listen (and to look ;-) her.


Participant from Sweden - female singer Lena Philipsson on the Eurovision Song Contest 2004   24.  Sweden and Lena Philipsson - Det Gör Ont. It was excellent performance. May be it wasn’t the most oustand in the musical plan, but in the other plans… The singer has simply cat’s grace. And she is able to move artistically. And she is able to sing too. Lena Philipsson has not only beautiful appearance, but she has a voice not worse. I am interested, whether there are her CDs at Moscow? The official website of  Lena Philipsson  is placed here:  http://www.lenaphilipsson.se/


    I want to tell a pair of words about participants of a semifinal as the conclusion. Unfortunately, the First channel has refused to broadcast Qualifying Round of the Contest in Russia. Therefore I can judge him only by preliminary songs of participants. The oustanding participants of the Qualifying Round (from those who has not reached the Grand-Final) were David D’Or  (Israel), Ivo Fomins & Tomass Kleins  (Latvia), Jari Sillanpää  (Finland) and, certainly, the Belarus duet - Alexandra & Konstantin. It’s my personal opinion. All these performers had very beautiful songs. Personally I not understand, why for example, Re-Union (Netherlands) has reached the Grand-Final, if they was much worse, in my opinion. I also do not understand, than David D’Or differs from Željko Joksimovic. I believe that these participants from one musical level, and D’Or was pleasant for me even more. As a matter of fact, I would buy CDs of both D’Or, and Sillanpää, and Latvians with pleasure. Byelorussians sing beautifully too, but I do not like country-style music, therefore their CDs not will be interesting for me. But, in any case, Belarus has exposed excellent participants for debut entry. And it will be very pity, if the Belarus duet will leave musical stage after this Contest.

    Summing up the 49th Eurovision Song Contest 2004, I want to tell, that at this year was more mediocre and bored performances in comparison with the last year’s Contest. More precisely speaking, it was more common pop songs. But, as I already spoke above, it does not means, that Contest became bad at all. Probably, all countries will take into account experience of this year and on the following, anniversary 50th Eurovision Song Contest 2005 will send more picturesque participants.

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