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    Tose Proeski

Tose Proeski - participant from  Macedinia on Eurovision Song Contest 2004 
  •   Country:   Macedonia
  •   Song:      Life is a Book

  •   Number of performance:   15 (Qualifying Round), 15 (Grand Final)
  •   Rating:   ?
  •   Place:     10 (Qualifying Round), 14 (Grand Final)

  •   web-site:   http://www.toseproeski-music.com/

    Popular macedonian vocalist Tose Proeski from Krusevo - small, but picturesque high-mountainous (for Macedonia) town which majority of buildings are constructed in style of old macedonian architecture - was born at January, 1981 in the other small town, Prilep.

Tose Proeski from Macedonia     His first serious performances on public have taken place at 1996 and 1997 at festival for young executors - Melfest in Prilep. Then he received the first prizes twice. Critics have named Proeski’s vocal data surprising after these performances. That has even more increased popularity of the young singer. Besides festival Melfest, at same 1997 year Proeski acts at Makfest Festival with a song “ Pusti me ” (“ Let Me to Leave ”).

    At 1998 the singer takes part in Skopje Festival (national festival of selection of  the representative of  Macedonia on the Eurovision Song Contest). Proeski has executed a song “ Ostani do Kraj ” (“ Stay up to the End ”). At the summer of the same year he participate on festival Ohridski Trubaduri in Ohridi. Approximately during same period Proeski started to cooperate with composer Grigor Koprov. Cooperation appeared favourable, together two musicians had created many hits. The most successful appeared “ Usni na Usni ” (“ Lips on Lips ”) and “ Sonce vo Tvoite Rusi Kosi ” (“ The Sun in Your Golden Hair ”). These songs became very popular in Macedonia.

    At 1999 Tose Proeski concludes the contract with Avalon company . At May, 15 he finished work with the first album - “ Nekade vo Nokta ” (“ Somewhere in Night ”). The album has consisted of 11 songs. They have been written by Grigor Koprov, Kristijan Gabrovski, Hari Kotlarovski, Goran Miloseski, Valentino Skenderovski, Ognen Nedelkovski and Proeski himself. Most popular of these songs became “ Eh, da Sum Zlato ” (“ It is a Pity to Me, That I am not Golden ”), “ Ruski Rulet ” (“ Russian roulette ”), “ Pusti me ” (“ Let Me to Leave ”), “ Ostani do Kraj ” (“ Stay up to the End ”), “ Usni na Usni ” (“ Lips on Lips ”), “ Sonce vo Tvoite Rusi Kosi ” (“ The Sun in Your Golden Hair ”)...

Tose Proeski from Macedonia     One day before release of the album, at May, 14, Proeski acts on Skooje Festival 1999 with a song “ Tvoite Baknezi na Moite Beli Kosuli ” (“ Your Kisses on My White Shirt ”). He has won the first place, this song some months headed various musical charts. At the summer of 1999 Tose Proeski had acted on the first solo concert in the city Skopje. This concert, despite of rainy weather, have for a long time remembered... The singer has acted at Autumn of  the same year with a song “ Morska zvezdo ” (“ Starfish ”) at Makfest Festival, where has taken the second place.

    At 2000 Proeski has taken part in the program of  the Skopje Festival 2000 with a song “ Solzi Pravat Zlaten Pеrsten ” (“ The Gold Ring Made of Tears ”). In spite of  the fact that the most part of televiewers has voted for him, the singer has taken only the third place and thus not became the representative of  Macedonia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2000 in Stockholm.

    At the end of  June, 2000 Proeski finishes work with the second album - “ Sinot Bozji ” (“ The Son of God ”). At record of this album the singer worked with composers Kire Kostov and Grigor Koprov, poets Ognen Nedelkovski, Miograd Vrakovski and Mirjana Danilovska. Arrangements have been made by Kire Kostov, Davor Jordanovski and Slobodan Markovic. Some songs from this album became popular hits - “ Nemir ” (“ Restless ”), “ Vo Kosi da ti Spijam ” (“ Sleeping in Your Hair ”), “ Izlazi me, Uste Ednas ” (“ Lie to Me One More Time ”). Besides the song “ Iluzija ” (“ Illusion ”), which has received Grand prix at festival “ Slaviansky Bazar ” in Vitebsk, a song “ Tajno Moja ” (“ My Secret ”) - the second prize at festival Suncane Skale in Herceg Novi, Montenegro.

Tose Proeski from Macedonia     During the ceremony Oskar Populamosti Tose has been awarded as “ the most successful vocalist from the former Yugoslavian republics ” at 2000. At the end of 2000 - at the beginning of 2001 Tose Proeski as the student of Academy of Music, has taken part in an operetta “ Despina and mister Doks ”. On Podgorica Festival 2001 Proeski had taken the second place, having executed a song “ Nemir ” in a duet with Karolina Goceva. Having acted with five concerts in a row successively in Universal Hall in Skopje at March, 2001, the singer has proved, that he is popular enough in the native land. At October, 2001 Proeski has acted with a concert in hall Sava Centar in Belgrade (it is the biggest concert hall in former Yugoslavia). Right after it, together with several other macedonian actors, he had going to the Australia with concert tour.

    After meeting with the new manager, Ljiljana Petrovic, the singer began work under the third album - “ Ako me Poglednes vo Oci ” (“ If You Will Look into my Eyes ”). The album had recording at Greece, in Athenes, and has been released in two versions - Macedonian and Serbian. The Macedonian version of  the album had been written by composer Phoebus, poet Tucakovic and arranger Manolis Vlachos. It has been released at the end of October, 2002. The Serbian version of the album had became popular enough in Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro and in Bulgaria.

    At 2003 Tose Proeski acted with concerts in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, USA, Canada. Besides at one time he has executed a national anthem in stadium in Skopje before qualifying game of soccer teams of Macedonia and England.

  •   Nekade vo Nokta (1999)
  •   Sinot Bozji (2000)
  •   Ako me Poglednes vo Oci (2002)

Тозе Проэски - participant from Former Yugoslavian Repablic Macedonia     The Macedonian Radio Television - MRT has made the decision to send Tose Proeski as the representative of  Macedonia on Eurovision Song Contest 2004. This decision was accepted after the singer became the winner of the first competition Beovizija in 2003. Tose has won with a huge separation with a song “ Cija si ”, which was written for him by poets Leontina Vukmanovic and Zeljko Joksimovic. The song has collected 75 points, easily having overtaken a Teodora Bojovic, who occupied the second place with 29 points only. The singer had swear do his best for the native country and added, that his dream - see Eurovision Song Contest 2005, carried out in Macedonia or in Serbia. According to competent sources, Proeski will execute five songs in English on Skopje Festival 2004, one of which will be chosen for Istanbul. These five songs will selected in three stages of preliminary selection. The final decision will be made after voices from professional jury - 50 % of all voices, and also the others of 50 % from televoting will be counted up.

    On the web-site of the singer there is a discography, lyrics of some songs, a lot of photos. In the same place you may download the mp3-version of song “ Cija si ”, with which Tose Proeski had won Beovizija competition, wallpaper, screensaver, also there is a section of news.

Source: web-site of  Tose Proeski

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