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    Ruslana Lyzhychko

Ruslana Lyzhychko - Participant from Ukraina on 49-th Eurovision Song Contest 2004 
  •   Country:   Ukraina
  •   Song:      Wild Dances

  •   Number of performance:   11 (Qualifying Round) 10 (Grand-Final)
  •   Rating:   ?
  •   Place:     1 - The Winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2004!

  •   web-site:   http://www.ruslana.com.ua/

    Ruslana Lyzhychko (Ruslana - scenic name of the female singer) - the popular Ukrainian female singer, composer and producer. There are two music education at her, wide experience of professional work in show-business. The singer herself writes and arrange music and even make her video-clips.

Ruslana Lyzhychko from Ukraina     Ruslana was born on May, 24, 1974 at the city of  Lvov. She was engaged in music and a vocal since four years. In childhood Ruslana sang in group “ Orion ”, later - in children's ensemble “ Smile ”. After the she has finished study at musical school, the future female singer has began study in the Lvov conservatory on conductor’s faculty. She not only singer, she is also the professional pianist. By the way, when she passed conductor’s examinations one examiner has graded mark “ bad ” to her, but another has graded  “ best ”.

    During her career Ruslana  has already had time to become the winner of all-ukranian festival of modern song and popular music “ Chervona Ruta ”, has won Grand Prix of all-ukranian television festival of popular music - “ Melody ”, Grand Prix of the International festival of arts “ Slaviansky Bazaar ”, has received the diploma of the National Ukrainian show-concert “ Song of the Year ” in sphere of popular Ukrainian music, there was the winner of the first all-ukranian National program “ The Person of year 2000 ” in a nomination “ The Star of a pop-music ”. Also Ruslana participated in several New Year’s musical films - “ Last Christmas of 90th ”, “ Christmas legends ”, “ For Christmas to Lvovsky ”. A musical idol of the Ruslana - Maraya Cary.

    As a matter of fact, adult musical career of the singer began at 1993, when Ruslana takes part in two Ukrainian musical festivals - in song contest “ Chervona Ruta-93 ” and in all-ukranian festival of pop- and rock music “ Taras Bulba-93 ”.

    At the same, 1993 year, both Ruslana and her future husband and producer Alexander Ksenofontov (the former leader of the Ukrainian group “ Club of Amateurs of Tea ”) which she has married on December, 27, 1995, have founded a studio “ Luxen ” and began to be engaged in a radio advertising. Musical clips of firms Oriflame, Coca-Сola, Stimorol are sounded by Ruslana’s voice. The singer has given this employment more than two years.

Ruslana Lyzhychko from Ukraina     At 1995 Ruslana has won Grand prix of the first all-ukranian telefestival “ Melody ”.

    At the following, 1996, year Ruslana participates in festival “ Slaviansky Bazaar ” where won the first place. Besides from the beginning of same year Ruslana was engaged in the new creative project - show “ Sonorous Wind ” (“ Дзвінкий вітер ” on - ukranian language) with a “ live ” sound. This project has been dated for celebrating the 500-anniversary of  Renaissance in Lvov and was synthesis of classic and rock music. At the end of July the singer has recorded the first single and a clip “ You ”. The clip which filming in Olessky Castle, became the first stage of the project. A symphonic orchestra and musicians from group “ Club of Amateurs of Tea ” who have specially gathered together have taken part in that filming. At the same time telecompany Most has filmed cinema “ Labyrinthes of Дзвінкого вітру, or Ivan Nebesnogo’s Mysteries ”.

    On September, 28 at the same, 1996, year, on a stage of the Lvov Opera Theatre the concert on a theme of a fairy tale “ Little Prince ” has passed. It was the following stage of the project. After that concert the Ukrainian press has named Ruslana “a new wave in music”.

    At 1997 the female singer takes part in the sixth festival “ Tavria games ”. At the end of the year Ruslana has produced show  “ Christmas with Ruslana ”. This show included an acoustic concert, teleprogram with the similar name and presentation of animation film “ Ballad about princess ”. At the same year a rank “Oustanding Citizen of Lvov of the Year” had been appropriated to the singer.

    At 1998 the female singer has released two albums - a studio album “ Мить весни ” and a concert album “ Кращі концерти Дзвінкого вітру ”. At second half of the year Ruslana arranges tour with charitable concerts at ancient castles of Ukraine with the purpose to collect money for their restoration..

Ruslana Lyzhychko from Ukraina     At 2000, finally having finished the project “ Sonorous Wind ”, Ruslana has engaged in the new project - “ Huzul ”. The culture of  huzuls living at Carpathian mountains (it is ethnographic group of ukranian people) has lain in its basis. Within the framework of the project the single “ Know I ”, film “ Stop! Filmed!  ”, audio and video albums, film about the project and christmas musical film has been released. The presentation of the “ Huzul project ” has taken place at opening of 10-th festival “ Tavria games ”, at 2001.

    At 2002 Ruslana Lyzhychko had casting in musical film “ Christmas legends with Ruslana ”. At the same year she again participated at festival “ Slaviansky Bazaar ”.

    At the summer of  2003 Ruslana has released new album - “ Дикие танцы ” (“ Wild dances ”). It is modern compilation of an ethnic material on the basis of ancient ethnic huzul motives (rhythms and dances) and modern new currents of the pop and rock musics. The album has summed up creativity of the singer in frameworks of the “ Huzul project ”  for all time of existence of this project. The presentation of an album has been carried out in one of night clubs of Kiev.

    Hardly later, at July, 2003 Ruslana with her “ Huzul show ” has acted at the Ukrainian festivals “ Stars of night of Ivan Kupaly ” and “ Night of Ivan Kupaly ”. And a month later, at the beginning of August, the singer has taken part in competition of popular music “ Matrix ” (it has carried out in the Yalta club with same name). Competition has been loudly named international though executors from Russia and Ukraine participated in it only.

    At the same year Ruslana has filmed two clips “ Коломыйка ” and “ Ой заиграйми музиченку ” on songs from album “ Wild dances ”.

Ruslana Lyzhychko from Ukraina     At October, 2003 the official data of sales of the album “ Wild dances ” have been published - 100.000 copies of this album was officially sold. Under the decision of international organization IFPI, for this achievement Ruslana was awarded by the “ Ukrainian platinum disk ”. The award has been handed to the female singer on December, 17, 2003 at official ceremony of rewarding “ Ukrainian musical premium - 2003 ”. The award was entrusted by regional director IFPI across East Europe - Stefan Cravchek. By the way, to receive a platinum disk in the East Europe, Russian duet  Tatu  had to confirm the data on 1 000 000 officially sold copies. However, Ukraine will be smaller than Europe.

    The Ukrainian concert tour with Ruslana’s new show - program “ Wild dances ” began at the end of  November, 2003, and on January, 4, 2004 it has come to the end. The ballet “ Життя ” acted together with the female singer during this tour on a stage , the director of show was Irina Masur, and suits were created by Roksolana Bogutzkaya. Tours was carried out with the purpose to support sales level of a platinum album.

  •   Мить весни (1998)
  •   Кращі концерти Дзвінкого вітру (1998)
  •   Останнє Рiздво 90
  •   Дикие танцы (2003)

Ruslana Lyzhychko from Ukraina     Ruslana Lyzhychko will present Ukraine on the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 at Istanbul. The female singer is going to act with incendiary show on a stage of sport center  Abdi Ipekci  at participation of  the ballet “ Життя ”. This show will become synthesis of the modern art and national rhythms.

    With the purpose to advertise the performance on the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 widely Ruslana will going to act with concerts both at Ukraine, and at Europe - at the Great Britain, Sweden, Poland, the countries of former Yugoslavia, at Baltic, Russia, Germany, etc. By the way, each citizen of Ukraine may express how female singer may act better on the Eurovision. The exchange of opinions, voting about the certain questions will occur in electronic mass-media.

     There are photos, information about projects and news on the website of the female singer. At the same place it is possible to download  mp3-versions of several songs of the singer and to look their words. A website on English, Ukrainian and Russian languages.

Source: website of   Ruslana Lyzhychko.  Photos from her website

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