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    Jari Sillanpää

Jari Sillanpaa -  participant from Finland on the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 

     Jari Sillanpää - one of the most successful Finnish singers.

     His musical career began at 1994 when Jari has taken part on Seinajoki Tango Festival (the tango, by the way, very popularly in Finland). Then the singer has won a “ Tangoprince ” title. A year after, at anniversary, on tenth festival, he has already won the first place and has received a “ Tangoking ” title.

Jari Sillanpaa from Finland     Seinajoki Tango Festival for the first time has been carried out at 1985. Soon it has become one of the biggest festivals in Finland - annually this 5-day’s festival are viweb-sited more than 100 000 person. At March, 2000, city Seinajoki and Buenos Aires have signed the contract which has made these two cities “ The Leading Cities of the Tango ” in the world.

     It is necessary to note, that at the Museum of the Tango in Seinajoki which was open at 1995, show-window of Jari Sillanpää - one of the most popular sights. Suits, records and images of the singer are submitted in this show-window. Though many years has passed already since time of that competition, but Jari Sillanpää still favourite singer of admirers of a tango.

     For last years the singer has achieved almost all things about which the actor can hope. He has released eight albums, some singles, documentary video. Two books have been written about him. If to count up all songs which he has recorded, more than hundred of them appears . The most part of its songs are in easy pop style, but there are some songs in tango style, and also a little evergreens. Jari Sillanpää has played one of the leading roles in a musical “ Aspects of Love ” of  Andrew Lloyd Webbers. He has won some prestigious musical awards. Now the singer (together with his orchestra) constantly goes on tour across Finland, and on his performances never it happens empty or halfempty halls. We shall stop in more detail on his biography.

Jari Sillanpaa from Finland    The first album of the singer was “ Jari Sillanpää ” which became the most sold album for all the Finnish history. It, undoubtedly, the most known and popular album of the singer. It contains such hits, as “ Satulinna ”, “ Kaduilla Tuulee ”, “ Oot Taydellinen ” and “ Pariisi-Helsinki ”. This album has played an essential role both in career, and lives of Jari Sillanpää because it was the beginning of his success. More than 270 000 copies has been sold in total.

     At 1995 Jari Sillanpää has released album “ Auringonnousu ”. This album has consisted of a mix of very various musical styles. On the basis of a musical material collected in this album, Jari Sillanpää has thought up fascinating show with which has travelled all Finland. Some professional dancers and the big orchestra have taken part at this show. The album takes 9-th place in rating of sales in Finland.

    At 1996 the singer has recorded his first Christmas album - “ Hyvaa joulua ”. Compositions of this album are very emotional. The album takes 14-th place in rating of sales.

    At 1997 Jari Sillanpää participated on competition of singers on international Romanian festival “ The Golden Stag ” at the city of  Brassov. There he has received “ Special Award for the Best Performance of a Romanian Song ”. By the way, at the same year at this competition took part some participants from Russia, for example, Jury Shevchyuk with a videoclip “ Love ” (see http://www.brasovtravelguide.ro/bv-en/annual-events/cerb/1997/winners.php). At the same year Jari Sillanpää had win the Emma award for best male singer 1997.

Jari Sillanpaa from Finland     At the following, 1998 year, the singer has taken part in competition “Euroviisut 1998 ” with a song “ Valkeaa unelmaa ”, written by Pekka Laaksonen with music of  Mika Toivanen. Then he has taken only the third place, having divided it with Nylon Beat and Ultra Bra. It is possible to familiarize with the results on page http://www.kolumbus.fi/jarpen/1998.htm.

     At the same year the singer has released the album “ Varastetut helmet ”. This alive record were made together with Markku Johansson and Vantaa Pop Orchestra. It has consisted from known international evergreens of various years. The songs which are included in the album, has rendered the big influence on a life and career of the singer. The album was very successful and has achieved the platinum status.

    At 1999 Jari Sillanpää has released album “ Onnenetsija ”. Its edition has served as a impulse to occurrence of a new musical direction. Very quickly the album has achieved the platinum status.

    At next year, 2000, Jari has released the Second Christmas album, “ Maa nа niin kaunis ”. This sentimental album contains beautiful and well-known Christmas songs of various years. The musical industry has named this album “ The Christmas Album of 2000 ”.

Jari Sillanpaa from Finland     8-th album of Jari Sillanpää, “ Maaranpaa Tuntematon ”, has been released at September, 12-th, 2003. Musical style of an album is rich and various. The wide range of musical styles has been used at its creation. Each song from this album is individual. Melodies, amusing rhythms and, certainly, feelings of the singer as the interpreter, have made this album very interesting. Mika Toivonen, known in Finland due to the big number of  hits, composed by him, participated in release of this album. Jari himself is very much satisfied with results. “ Last autumn Mika asked me to listen to some of  his new songs. I was hooked and we started to plan this album gradually. Mika has succeded very well in using different and very interesting kind of musical components. I am very happy and satisfied with the result and I hope that you’ll enjoy diving into the tunes and the lyrical world this record have to offer ” - the singer speaks.

     Also the singer has released one more album - “ Hän Kertoo Sen Sävelin ”. Only one month later after release, album has achieved the platinum status. Also it has received a nomination on Finnish Grammy. “ In my concerts I’ve sung these old songs and there has been many wishes that I would record them as well ” - speaks Jari - “ This gave me an Inspiration to record these wonderul evergreens ”.

  •   Jari Sillanpää
  •   Auringonnousu (1995)
  •   Hyvää joulua (1996)
  •   Varastetut helmet (1998)
  •   Onnenetsijä (1999)
  •   Maa nа niin kaunis (2000)
  •   Määränpää Tuntematon (2003)
  •   Hän Kertoo Sen Sävelin

     On January, 24 the Final of the Finnish competition “ Euroviisut 2004 ” has ended. Jari Sillanpää became its winner. By results of voting he has collected about 36 % of voices. On May, 12 at Istanbul thse singer will execute song Takes 2 to Tango.

Source: web-site of  Jari Sillanpää

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