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    Julie & Ludwig

Julie & Ludwig duo - participants from Malta on the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 
  •   Country:   Malta
  •   Song:      On Again Off Again

  •   Number of performance:   8 (Qualifying Round), 6 (Grand Final)
  •   Rating:   ?
  •   Place:     8 (Qualifying Round), 12 (Grand Final)

  •   web-site:   http://www.ludwigandjulie.com/

    Duet Julie & Ludwig  has been created by female singer Julie Zahra and by singer Ludwig Galea.

Julie & Ludwig duo from Malta island     Ludwig Galea  was born on November, 26, 1977 at the Pieta town. His parents were Austin and Sylvana Galea.

    The singer has received a Degree of the Bachelor of pedagogics at the Maltese university on 2000 year, and now, besides employment by music, also teaches.

   Ludwig grew in the musical atmosphere, some his close relatives were musicians, therefore it is not surprising, that he started to show interest to music at early age. Already at the age of six years Ludwig started to study playing on piano under the direction of his uncle. Under an instigation of the same uncle, he has been involved at chorus of boys in cathedral of Saint John. Later the opportunity to become the soloist in the musical “ Diana - Queen of hearts ” was presented to him. Work with such directors as Anthony Bezzina, Alison McKenna, Ray Mangion, Hector Bruno, Johanna Casabene has allowed Ludwig to become the one of the best singers in the his country.

    During the period since 1999 up to 2003  Ludwig Galea  took part in many musicals - “ Diana - Queen of hearts ”, “ Dedication to Andrew Lloyd Webber ”, “ The Ragged Child ”, “ Some Enchanted Evening ”, “ Christmas With The Musicals ”, “ All You Need Is Love ”, “ Beatle Mania ”, “ The Music Of Andrew Lloyd Webber ”, “ Music Of  The Night ”, “ Jesus Christ Superstar ”, “ Young And Powerfull ”, “ Beauty And The Beast ”, “ Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat ”, “ Georgeous ”, “ 007 - The Bond Show ”, “ The Christmas Of Charles Chaplin ”. More often he worked as the leading singer. However, his career is not limited work at musicals only.

Julie & Ludwig duo from Malta island     At 2000 the singer participated at youth festival “ Festival ghaz-zghazagh 2000 ” where has taken the third place with a song “ All you ever need ”, which was composed by him.

    Besides working in musicals, Ludwig Galea  acted at several Maltese teleshows, and even present several children’s and youth teleshows himself.

    Ludwig adore animals, adore onion though does not count himself the vegetarian, does not like rats and scandals, from music prefers R.E.M., and very much values his cross which constantly wear on a neck. The singer trusts this cross is the his talisman.

    Julie Zahra  was born on March, 25, 1982 at the same place, where Ludwig - at the Pieta town. Her parents were Anthony and  Monica Zahra.

    In 2003  Julie  has received a Degree of the Bachelor of sociology at the Maltese university.

Julie & Ludwig duo from Malta island     Julie  began to be interested in music at the early childhood, she was been involved in chorus of local church at the age of  four years. Approximately at the same time she began to study playing on the piano. Further she began to be engaged more seriously in singing, and even has received some certificates.

    At present  Julie Zahra  basically acts at various festivals. Nevertheless, she does not lose touch with musical theatre, in which her professional career began. Besides she teaches a voice training. Julie - the one of the best Maltese female singers.

     During the work at theatre  Julie  participated in many musicals - “ Diana - Queen of hearts ”, “ Dedication to Andrew Lloyd Webber ”, “ Tkun Darb’ohra Mikelang ”, “ The Ragged Child ”, “ Some Enchanted Evening ”, “ Christmas With The Musicals ”, “ Delicately Powerfull ”, “ All You Need Is Love ”, “ The Music Of Andrew Lloyd Webber ”, “ Music Of  The Night ”, “ Jesus Christ Superstar ”, “ 007 - The Bond Show ”, “ The Christmas Of Charles Chaplin ”.

     The female singer frequently been invite to local teleshows. Julie even acts constantly on one of  them. Besides together with  Ludwig  she has recorded a song “ Holma Amerikana ” for the program about the Maltese immigrants at the USA.

     Julie adore animals, especial her cat Ginger (except the cat there is a turtle at her home), does not like double-faced and vainglorious people, and also does not like spiders and cockroaches. The female singer prefers vegetarian food, though her favorite food is French fries. From music Julie prefer Irish female singer Enya. Also the singer is very much adhered to a bracelet which her friend has presented to her, and to a ring which was belonged to her mother earlier.

Julie & Ludwig duo from Malta island      Now about the duet. At 2002  Ludwig Galea  participates in prestigious Maltese festival - the international festival of the Maltese songs “ Festival Internazzjonali tal-kanzunetta Maltija 2002 ” where he sing song “Adagio ”at duet with  Julie Zahra. Together they have taken the second place and have won a prize of spectator sympathies. It was their second joint performance.

     At 2003 with a song “ My Number One ” the duet has taken part in competition “ Malta Song for Europe 2003 ” where has taken the fourth place (and the second place by results of televoting). On the other competition - “ L-Ghanja tal-poplu 2003 ” - the duet has taken the first place, having acted with a song “ Sebat Ilwien ”.

     At the same year the duet acts outside of the native land for the first time, At Bulgaria, on competition “ Discovery Festival 2003 ” where they wins first place with a song “ Endlessly ” and receives the second prize as best singers. After a while the duet acts At Brussels on the Open Day for those prospective countries joining the European Union.

     Duet became representatives of  Malta on the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 on February, 14, 2004, having won competition “ Malta Song For Europe 2004 ”.

     On a web-site of a duet there is a biography of actors, section of news, interview with the musicians. And there are a lot of photos. Archive - almost 10 Mb. Photos is interesting, by the way. About filming a clip to song  On Again Off Again,  for example. In the same place it is possible to download mp3-versions of several songs of a duet (including  On Again Off Again,  of course). Also it is possible to download the clip. And in general, it is very good web-site. Language of web-site - English.

Source: web-site of  Julie & Ludwig  duo

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