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    Ivo Fomins & Tomass Kleins

Ivo Fomins and Tomass Kleins duo -  participant from Latvia on the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 

    Duet  Fomins & Kleins  has been created at the end of  2002. By this time its founders, Ivo Fomins and Tomass Kleins, representatives of an old cohort of  old  Soviet rock-n-roll’s-musicians, already were the recognized musicians. They were born at the West of  Latvia, at the seaside city of  Liepaja. Many other known Latvian rock-musicians were born in this city. Due to many famous festivals, for example, “ Liepajas dzintars ” (the festival of a rock-music carried out at Liepaja at the middle of August), city can be named Latvian Liverpool.

Rodrigo Fomins from Remix     Musicians began working together many years ago, during Soviet times. Together with other famous musicians from Latvia - with Zigfrids Muktupavels and Guntars Racs they have created group “ Saldas sejas ”. By the way, Fomins and Kleins till now cooperate with Racs, he writes all lyrics of songs of a duet.

    The singer Ivo Fomins, who also has been educated as a chef, participated in many musical projects at the his country. At some time he acted together with group “ Liepajas Brali ”. Besides he acted solo with concerts at the various countries - for example, at Russia, Poland, Austria, Denmark and at many others. Also he has taken part in festival “ Big Apple ” at the USA. At 1989 the singer has taken the third place on the Soviet telecompetition of young performers “ Jurmala - 89 ”.

    Ivo Fomins has older brother - Igo (more precisely speaking, Rodrigo Fomins) which is one of  the most popular Latvian singers and the winner of the first Soviet competition of  young performers “ Jurmala - 86 ”. Igo has worked with very famous Soviet composer, Raimonds Pauls much enough during long time. This work had led him to creation the group “ Remix ” at 80th years. Therefore, when in front of  Ivo Fomins there was a question about change of  his profession, he has simply gone in the steps the brother, having continued, thus, family tradition. Ivo has grown without mother. His father, the taxi driver, has accustomed him is to realistic look at life .

    On young  Ivo very big influence rendered creativity of such musicians, as Robert Plant from Led Zeppelin, David Coverdale from Deep Purple and Steven Tyler  from  Aerosmith.

    The guitarist and the composer of a duet, Tomass Kleins, as well as Ivo Fomins, not the beginner in music. During his career  Kleins has created many various musical groups. At first half of  80th years he played at famous group “ Neptune ” - group, which has been created by Janis Lusens, the composer and the musical director, who had stay before sources of  Latvian and Soviet disco-music, the former musical head of  famous Soviet disco-group “ Zodiac ”. The first disk of  “ Zodiac ”, “ Disko Alliance ”, released at far already 1980 has made sensation in all territory of Soviet Union. This work has given invaluable experience to Tomass.

Ivo Fomins and Tomass Kleins duo from Latvia     Even more invaluable experience and also the big popularity Tomass has got, working with another, likely, the most famous Latvian rock group - group “ Livi ”. This really legendary group from Liepaja has been created at Latvia at 70th years and till now exists. Already at 80th years these musicians sang about free Latvia on native, Latvian language. Up to them nobody has dared to act at Latvia with criticism of  the Soviet occupational politics. They were the first. By the way, recently already mentioned above older brother of  Ivo Fomins - Rodrigo Fomins has returned in the group.

    Kleins has grown in traditional gipsy family, and it is possible to tell, that music and singing is in his blood. Huge influence on the guitarist rendered creativity of such groups, as AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and also creativity of  Ozzy Osbourne.

    Soon after the birth, at the end of  2002, the duet has signed the contract with the largest Latvian sound recording company - with “ Mikrofona Ieraksti ”, which is the representative of company EMI at the Baltic countries. Raimonds Pauls, group Prata Vetra (this group representative Latvia on the Eurovision Song Contest 2000, and its soloist, Renars Kaupers, was the hoster of the Eurovision Song Contest 2003 at Latvia), and a lot of other musicians also are clients of  “ Mikrofona Ieraksti ”

    At the beginning of  2003 the first song of  theduet, “ Sniegs ”, has received the big popularity, it sounded on radio stations very often. Besides, the duet has taken the third place on “ LNT Music Video Competition ”. Another single of a duet - “ Solijums ”- also frequently sounded on radio stations and even has been nominated on “ Music Video Award ” in Latvia.

    At July, 2003, musicians have taken part on the international festival “ Baltic Song Contest ” at Sweden, where had sing two songs - “ Dancing Slow ” and  “ Free Falling ”, have taken the fourth place and has been shown on the Swedish and Polish TV.

Ivo Fomins and Tomass Kleins duo from Latvia     At the same, 2003, the duet has recorded the first album, “ Muzikants ”which became popular after the duet has taken part on the Latvian national selection competition “ Latvian National Eurovision Competition ” (“ Eirodziesma 2003 ”) and has taken the second place. By the way, the duet then was very close to disqualification. By Rules of selection competition there was a requirement to sing a song on English and with a recorded musical soundtrack. But Ivo and Tomass sang in native, Latvian language and played on musical instruments at “ live ”.

    The group frequently acts with concerts, in full halls, as people aspire to hear the true and alive music. Musicians speak that they play  “ a lyrical rock-n-roll ” and consequently have no competitors in this genre in Latvia.

  •   Muzikants (2003)
  •   Dzimis Latvija (2004)

    At the beginning of the following, 2004 year, the duet has released the second album, “ Dzimis Latvija ”. Also Ivo Fomins  and  Tomass Kleins take part in the Latvian national selection competition “ Latvian National Eurovision Competition ” (“ Eirodziesma 2004 ”) again. Their song, Dziesma par Laimi, was unique of all participants, because it has been written on the Latvian language, and it brings victory to them. More than 41 000 person has voted for them. Musicians become national heroes, in fact, all Europe will hear the Latvian language due to them.

    Unfortunately, musicians do not have website, there is only a their page on a   micrec.lv  website.

Source: web-page of  Ivo Fomins & Tomass Kleins  duo

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