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    David D’Or

David D’Or - participant from  Israel on Eurovision Song Contest 2004 
  •   Country:   Israel
  •   Song:      Le’ha’amin

  •   Number of performance:   5 (Qualifying Round)
  •   Rating:   ?
  •   Place:     11 (Qualifying Round)

  •   web-site:   http://www.daviddor.com/

    David D’Or was born in Israel. At 1986 D’Or go to serve in the Israeli army. He have enlisted in military artistic group where he worked together with the best Israeli musicians.

David D’Or from Israel     At 1991 David has been enlisted in the Jerusalem Conservatory, on branch of classical music . He began his musical career as the classical tenor. Zubin Mhata, director of the Israeli Symphonic Orchestra has invited D’Or  to a post of the soloist in “ Carmina Burana ” by Carl Orf. In this quality the singer acted with concerts on all to the country.

    After the ending of  his army service David was invited by the Israeli National Theater “ Habima ” to be a part of the cast in different performances, among them “ Blood Marriage ” by Lorka, directed by Channan Shir, “ Cabaret ”, directed by Jerome Svary, “ Tartiff ”, directed by Robert Stroah, music by Gaya Kenchelli. Also here it is possible to mention “ Cry My Beloved County ” with music by Kurt Vile, for which David has received excellent reviews.

    At 1992 David D’Or has released his first album. The singer did not think strongly of the name of the album and has simply given to it his own name - “ David D'Or ”. For several songs from this album David D’Or  has written texts and music himself, having proved that he is not only the remarkable singer, but also the good poet and the composer.

David D’Or from Israel    D’Or worked with National Theatre within 4 years. But, despite of  the received classical education, David D’Or  always was interested in ethnic music. It has led him to that at 1995 the singer (together with group Natural Choice in structure of  which there were ethnic musicians), has released a new album - “ David & Shlomo ”. This album has received a high estimation in all musical programs on radio and TV.

    At the same, 1995, year David D’Or has received the invitation from Vatican. It has suggested to him perform for the Pope. The repertoir of the singer at this concert united original ethnic music with European classics. The concert was very successful. There was wrote articles in many European newspapers and showed on TV about it. After this concert D’Or has received the invitation to act in Italy, where he has taken part in several teleshows on the First Italian TV channel and 2nd Italian TV Channel. Italian criticism praised the singer, the audience has accepted him very warmly. As result David D’Or began frequently receive invitations to act in Italy again. During his musical career, except Italy, D’Or has viweb-sited the main cities of  USA (Washington, Los Angeles, Toledo, New Jersey and Memphis) where he also has got much praises.

    But the USA, Italy and Israel not the unique countries where know the singer. David D’Or has viweb-sited with concerts Germany, Turkey and Sweden. At 1997 in Sweden together with Symphonic Orchestra Ra’anana under the direction of the Swedish National Theatre David D’Or has taken part in the show named “ Children of the God ”. Music has been written by known Georgian composer Josef Bardanashvilly and included motives, characteristic for three religions - Jewish, Moslem and Christian, emphasizing the message “ love your neighbor ”. This show made the big success in Israel and in the USA.

David D’Or from Israel     At same, 1997, the singer has released the third album - “ David D’Or & Enni Ankri ”. As at the previous albums, he composes texts and music of some songs itself. The following, the fourth under the account, album D’Or  has released two years later, at 1999. The album’s name was — “ Begovah Mishtan ”.

    At 2001 on the native land, in Israel, David D’Or has been named “ the Singer of the Year ”. Also he has been awarded as “ the Best Vocal Performe ”. He have released five albums already. Four of them became platinum, and one gold. The fifth album of the singer was “ Baneshama ”, released at the same, 2001. This album differs from other albums of the singer that David D’Or  himself has written verses and music already to all songs. Besides these albums, D’Or has released another two albums - “ David D’Or & The Philharmonic ” and“ Raanana Symphonette Orchestra ”.

    He sings arias on music, composed by Bach, Britten, Handel, Mozart and Monteverdi, Schubert and Vivaldi, and also some other. For the his musical career David D’Or  acted with such known orchestras, as the Israel Philarmonic, the Jerusalem Symphonic Orchestra, the Baltimore Symphonic Orchestra, the Rome Philarmonic and the Budapest Philarmonic.

    David’s concerts are very popular all over the world, and now he continues the performances in Israel, Europe and in the USA.

  •   David D'Or (1992)
  •   David & Shlomo (1995)
  •   David D’Or & Enni Ankri (1997)
  •   Begovah Mishtan (1999)
  •   Baneshama (2001)
  •   David D’Or & The Philharmonic
  •   Raanana Symphonette Orchestra

David D’Or from Israel     The jury appointed by Israeli company IBA (which, among others, has consisted of two former participants of the Eurovision Song Contests - Lior Narkis and Gali Atari), has decided, that David D’Or  will represent Israel at Eurovision Song Contest 2004. The singer already was the applicant for representing Israel on such Contest at the past year, 2003. Nominee of  D’Or has been offered by Liel Kolet. At this year singer has been chosen because of the musical successes, as in Israel, and abroad.

     Now David D’Or should present some songs to selection committee, which will choose the song, which will be executed on May, 12 (and, maybe, and on May, 15) in Istanbul. In 2003 selection of songs - winner has been lead in a similar way but then televiewers had heard all songs included in the list, and voted for what has most of all liked them. D’Or has told, that he will contact to leading poets - songwriters, and besides it is possible, as himself will write some songs. “ It is very exciting. I hope I will represent Israel well and bring pride to our country ” - had told David to news portal Y-net - “ This nation is in need of something to be proud of, especially in these difficult times  ”.

    On February, 15, 2004 Israel has named a song with which  David D’Or  will act on May, 12 at Istanbul. The choice has been made during teletranslation by voting procedure. D’Or has executed four songs - “ Bo’u Mal’achim ”, “ Freedom ”, “ Yamim Tovim ” and “ Le’ha’amin ”. Both jury and televiewers participated at voting. By the results of voting, the “ Le’ha’amin ” has won. The song has received about 66 % of voices of televiewers and about 60 % of voices of jury. By the way, according to the singer, this song he liked more than others.

    On a web-site of the singer you may familiarize with his creativity, at the same place there is a discography, photos.There are and some files with his songs which you may download. Besides on a web-site there is a section devoted to projects the singer are involved in which and the review of press - with articles about David D’Or (in a Hebrew).

Source: web-site of  David D’Or

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