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Deen - participant from  Bosnia and Herzegovina on the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 
  •   Country:   Bosnia & Herzegovina
  •   Song:      In The Disco

  •   Number of performance:   21 (Qualifying Round), 12 (Grand Final)
  •   Rating:   ?
  •   Place:     7 (Qualifying Round), 9 (Grand Final)

  •   web-site:   http://www.deenvoice.com/

    Deen was born on December, 4, 1982 at Sarajevo, Yugoslavia. The singer has received musical education under preceptorship of professor Gordana Topic. Besides he has finished university of  Sarajevo, faculty of economy. The true name of the singer - Fuad Backovic.

Deen from Bosnia and Herzegovina     Musical career of  Deen began from twelve years when he has released the first song. At 1997 the young singer becomes the participant of youth group Seven Up. The group was one of the most successful in former Yugoslavia. At the end of 1997 - at the beginning of 1998 Seven Up has released its first album - “Otvori oci ”. After two years - at 2000 - the second album, “ Seven” has followed. At same year Deen has taken part in the outside project - he take part at recording of “ Kemal Monteno i prijatelji ” album. By the way, the Philarmonic of Sarajevo also has taken part at record of this album.

    After one year, at 2001, Deen makes a decision to engage in solo career. His first solo album, “ Deen - Ja sam vjetar zaljubljeni ”, has been released only at 2002. At the same year the singer participates at recording of one more album - “Vlatka & Deen - Poljubi me ”. Thus, at present Deen took part at record of  five albums.

Deen from Bosnia and Herzegovina     Favourite musicians of  Deen - George Michael and Celine Dion. By the way, the singer considers, by his own words, that in a life it need to “ be what you are and go forward ”. At present time the singer lives together with the parents and the brother.

    Deen against drugs. On his web-site he has published an appeal to refuse from them. “ I appeal to all precious, fine and young people in the world ” - the singer speaks - “ to find a meaning of their lives in love, nice music and books; to leave aside drugs and everything harmful that can destroy our dreams and cause a tragedy ”.

  •   Otvori oci - Seven Up (1997 - 1998)
  •   Seven - Seven Up (2000)
  •   Kemal Monteno i prijatelji (2000)
  •   Poljubi me - Vlatka & Deen (2002)
  •   Ja sam vjetar zaljubljeni - Deen (2002)

    For a role of the representative of  Bosnia and Herzegovina on the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 Deen has been chosen by jury, which has consisted from 21 persons. Besides him, four more participants took part in selection - Nermin Puskar, Tinka, Igor Vukojeviс, Said Jusice. But the Deen had been considered the best.

Deen from Bosnia and Herzegovina     The singer not for the first time takes part in the Bosnian selection competition for the Eurovision. At 1999 year his group Seven Up has taken the third place. At 2001 Deen already independently acted on competition, but has taken only the seventh place. On the competition of  2003 he has taken the second place, having conceded the first place to Mija Martina.

     On a web-site of the singer the discography, lyrics of songs and photos are submitted.

Source: web-site of  Deen

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