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Athena band -  participant from Turkey on the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 
  •   Country:   Turkey
  •   Song:      For Real

  •   Number of performance:   22 (Grand Final)
  •   Rating:   ?
  •   Place:     4 (Grand Final)

  •   web-site:   http://www.athenasite.com/

    Year 1987, when Hakan & Gökhan Özoguz brothers had seriously taken a great interest in creation of music, it is possible to name the year of a birth of  Athena band. At that time both brothers was about eleven years old, and they, as well as many other boys at this age, was much less interested in study at school, than in music creation. At the same time they understood, that they should work hard, if they want to become professional musicians. Therefore brothers had started to study guitar-playing under preceptorship of  Ümit Yilbar, the ex-guitarist from Pentagram band. Becoming the beginning guitarists, Hakan and Gökhan had begun search the bass - guitarist and drummer, by putting notices everywh