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    Alexandra & Konstantin

Alexandra and Konstantin duo -  participant from Belarus on the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 
  •   Country:   Belarus
  •   Song:      My Galileo

  •   Number of performance:   2 (Qualifying Round)
  •   Rating:   ?
  •   Place:     19 (Qualifying Round)

  •   web-site:   http://www.ak.fromby.net/

    Duet Alexandra & Konstantin has been created in 1998 at Borisov-city (Belarus) by Alexandra Kirsanova and Konstantin Drapezo. By the way, they had met each other by chance, on rehearsal of group at which Konstantin played.

Alexandra and Konstantin duo from Belarus     Alexandra Kirsanova was born at May, 22, 1980 at the Borisov-city. She started study of music from the childhood, had become the student of  musical school at the age of  7 years old. At 1999 the female singer has taken the third place in the Belarus television contest of  young talented performers “ Zornaya Rostan ”. At October, 2002 Alexandra has taken part in the international competition of  young performers at Ukraine, and she has taken part at the first International Competition of  Kazakh songs - Astana 2003 - at June, 2003, where she has received a prize for the best arrangement of  Belarus national song “ Sena ”. Now the singer is student at the Belarus State University of  Culture. Alexandra likes animals (especially dogs, cats and horses), flowers and travel (she dreams to visit homeland of  Santa Claus). Shania Twain is her favourite musician .

    Konstantin Drapezo was born at March, 11, 1972. Also in the Borisov-city. He has finished his studing at the Belarus State University, on geographical faculty, his profession - teacher-geographer. He started study of music from twelve years, after he get his first guitar as a present. Konstantin has finished his studing of a classical guitar at musical studio. His favourite musician - Al Di Meola. Konstantin likes music and to travel.

    The first concert of a duet has passed at October, 1998 in “ Star-club ” at Minsk. At that time the duet played English cover-versions of various blues-, jazz- and country-songs.

Alexandra and Konstantin duo from Belarus     One year later, at  June, 2000, the duet has won the second place in the Belarus television contest of young talented performers “ Zornaya Rostan ” (On that contest Alexandra has taken the third place one year ago). After this victory the duet has had an opportunity to record the debut album in studio of the National State Broadcasting company of  Byelorussia. Soon after that victory the duet has acted with concerts in Byelorussia, Russia and in Ukraine. At December of the same year one of duet's songs - “ Oj, arol, ty arol ” - have been recorded for documentary cinema about the Belarus history - “ Na fone stahoddzia ”. This cinema has been filmed by the director Nadzieya Harkunova on Belarusfilm studio.

    At February, 2001 the duet acts on annual ceremony “ Rock Coronation ”, at March - it played on the concert devoted to the 30-anniversary of ensemble “ Piesniary ”. Besides at June Alexandra & Konstantin participate in competition of young performers during Festival of  Belarus songs and poetry - “ Maladechna 2001 ”.

    At January, 2002 the duet acts on solo-concert in Palace of Culture of  BelAZ Manufactory, at the Zhodino town. During this concert the presentation of the first album of group - “ За ліхімі за марозамі ” has been carried out. The album contains six arrangements of the Belarus national songs and three cover-version of country-songs.

Alexandra and Konstantin duo from Belarus     At April the duet acts with a solo concert at Minsk already, at May - it acts on competition “ Miss Belarus 2002 ”. At June Alexandra & Konstantin take part in the European festival of ethnic music - “ Ethnosfera 2002 ” - at Poland, where they take the third place. At next month the duet acts on festival “ Slaviansky Bazaar ” and on competition of popular songs - “ Vitebsk 2002 ”. On “ Vitebsk 2002 ” the duet takes the second place. At the same month Alexandra & Konstantin act on the Polish “ Folk Fest ”. Besides at August - December the duet has acted with several concerts at Poland and at Belarus.

    At 2003 the duet has acted with several concerts at Poland and Belarus, with a single concert at Germany and with a concert at Moscow (during The Days of the Belarus Culture). Also Alexandra & Konstantin participated in several festivals - “ Maladechna 2003 ”, “ Starazhytny Niasvizh ” at Byelorussia, “ Shanty Music 2003 ” at Estonia, “ Festival Wyszehradzki ” at Poland. At October the duet has released the second album - “ Сойка ”. As well as the previous album, “ Сойка ”  has consist of remakes of the Belarus national songs, re-arranged at modern folk-style.

  •   За ліхімі за марозамі (2001)
  •   Сойка (2003)

    At the end of 2003 - at the beginning of  2004 the duet has taken part in the Belarus national competition for Eurovision, where at January, 31, 2004 musicians had been chosen (by the Belarus televiewers) as official representative of  Belarus on the Eurovision Song Contest 2004.

Alexandra and Konstantin duo from Belarus     The duet will act at Istanbul with song  My Galileo.  Music to the song has been written by Alexandra Kirsanova and by Konstantin Drapezo several years ago. When song for the Belarus selection competition was needed to musicians, they have addressed to Alexey Solomaha with the request to write the English arrangement for this music. So this song in its today's kind has been appeared.

    According to rules of the Belarus selection competition, the song should consist more than of one couplet, the refrain should be in English, and song have to be executed at “ the European pop - style ”. Simultaneously it should contain elements of national culture. The duration of song (already by the Rules of the Eurovision Song Contest) should not exceed three minutes. My Galileo  met all specified requirements.

     There are discography, some photos on duo’s web-site. At the same place it is possible to download mp3-versions of three songs (include  My Galileo). The web-site on English and Belarus language. By the way, on a web-site of the Belarus TV it is possible to familiarize with the additional information about Konstantin and Alexandra. At the same place there are lot of photos of a duet (more, than on their own web-site).

Source: web-site of  Alexandra & Konstantin duo

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