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News of the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 at November 2003


    Three countries withdraw from the Eurovision Songs Contest 2004.

    In last dates of  November three countries, which have originally shown interest to the Eurovision Song Contest 2004, has refused to participate in it. It is Luxembourg, Monaco and Hungary.

    According to rules of the Eurovision 2004, any country can be registered as the participant of the Contest before October, 1, 2003. By this time application forms from 38 countries for participation in the Eurovision 2004 has been submitted. However till December, 1, 2003 each country should make the final decision - really to participate in the Contest, or refuse from participation. If any country will refuse from participation in Contest after this date, financial sanctions will be applied to it (such country should be pay an entrance fee).

    The representative of  Luxembourg - RTL company - has proved his decision by financial difficulties. In spite of the fact that RTL Group - rather large participant of the European market of tele-radio broadcasting, RTL Luxembourg more modest division of the company having accordingly smaller financial resources. As in Luxembourg in 2004 should pass elections in the Duchy, bosses of  RTL has made decision to direct all their resources in this direction.

    The representative of  Monaco - TMC Monte Carlo - has admitted to a web-site doteurovision.com, that “ in their participation there was no confidence ”. TMC earlier declared, that they will may refuse from participation in the Contest till December, 1, 2003 if not will manage to find suitable song for the Eurovision 2004. It is difficult to tell, that has taken place actually - TMC in truth has failed to find suitable songs, or reasons, like a RTL, lays in financial area - but the fact remains the fact, performance of  the representative of  Monaco at May, 12, 2004 in Istanbul on the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 under the big question.

    The representative of  Hungary - Magyar Televisio (MTV) - also has declared that Hungary will not accept participation on the Eurovision Song Contest 2004. As the reasons has been named lack of  time to find a suitable song and the singer. Nevertheless, MTV swears, what Hungary will necessarily act in 2005 on the Eurovision.

    Marta Rapai, the head of  the Department of  the Eurovision in MTV, has told to the web-site doteurovision.com, that “the main reason on which we cannot take part in the following Song Contest - that we had not enough time for preparation of preliminary selections the best Hungarian song ”. Admirers of  the Hungarian music still hope, that Hungary all the same will take part in the the Eurovision Song Contest 2005. MTV also shows the interest in this event. “ We necessarily organize the next year preliminary selections of songs in time ” - speaks Rapai.

    Source:   web-site http://www.doteurovision.com/


   Participant from Israel on Eurovision Song Contest 2004 was named by IBA

Давид’Ор (David D’Or) - участник из Израиля     The jury appointed by Israeli company IBA, has decided, that the right to represent Israel on Eurovision Song Contest in 2004 was won by singer David D’Or. The musician who began the professional career as the classical tenor, already was the applicant for representing Israel at the Contest at the past, at 2003.

     The jury, which included journalists, senior manager IBA and two former participants of Eurovision Song Contest (Lior Narkis and Gali Atari) has met at November, 15, to discuss terms and conditions for the chosen performer.

     Now David D’Or should present some songs to selection committee, which will choose the song, which will be executed on May, 12 (and, maybe, and on May, 15) in Istanbul. In 2003 selection of songs - winner has been lead in a similar way but then televiewers had heard all songs included in the list, and voted for what has most of all liked them. D’Or  has told, that he will contact to leading poets - songwriters, and besides it is possible, as himself will write some songs. “It is very exciting. I hope I will represent Israel well and bring pride to our country” - had told D’Or  to news portal Y-net - “This nation is in need of something to be proud of, especially in these difficult times”.

     David D’Or has been chosen due to his musical successes, as in Israel, and abroad. He has released six albums already, all of them have achieved the gold status. Also he is the usual invited musician in the most prestigious world orchestras, among which Baltimore symphonic orchestra, the Philarmonic society of Israel, the Roman Philarmonic society, the Budapest Philarmonic society, the Viennese symphonic orchestra.

    Nominee of  D’Or has been offered by Liel Kolet. If for any reasons David D’Or cannot take part in Eurovision Song Contest, at this case female group Hamsa will represent Israel instead of  him. If they also cannot make it, the representative of Israel becomes Ninette Teib.

    Source:   web-site http://www.doteurovision.com/

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