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News of the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 at December 2003


    Albania chooses singer and song for Eurovision Song Contest 2004

    In spite of the fact that it was earlier informed, that the first representative of  Albania on the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 will beAdrian Gaxha, Albanian telebroadcasting company RTSH at 18 - 20 December has carried out competition Festivali i Këngës on which the singer who will represent Albania has been chosen. In October Adrian Gaxha did not allow the precise answer to a question, whether he will perform for Albania. In the beginning of  December he already denied this assumption more likely.

     Now RTSH will send female singer Anjeza Shaini to Istanbul on the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 as the first representative of  Albania.

Anjeza Shaini - participant from Albania at Eurovision 2004     Shaini became the winner of competition Festivali i Këngës which has come to the end on December, 20. Shaini’s winner song - Imazhi Yt (Your reflection), has been written by Edmond Zhulali and Agim Doçitbeat. Competition Festivali i Këngës has been carried out in the Palace of the Congress in Tirana within three nights. At the final of competition was three participants - Mariza Ikonomi, Rosela Gjylbegu and Anjeza Shaini. As the guest of honour on final of Festivali i Këngës there was a winner of  the Eurovision Song Contest 2003 Sertab Erener  from Turkey.

     Televiewers not only in Albania, but also in  Macedonia and Kosovo could look this show in a live translation, besides it show was broadcast to all Europe by the satellite. The song has been chosen through voting of jury and televoting (a maximum half of voices could give jury, and other half - televiewers). Show was hosted by popular in Albania Adi Krasta and Ledina Celo. Thus, Albania became the first country which has named not only the participant, but also a song. Now song Imazhi Yt should be edited so that to satisfy to the Rules of the Eurovision 2004 - its duration should be not four minutes, as now, but three.

    Source:   web-site http://www.doteurovision.com/


    EBU plans to change a voting procedure

    Svante Stockselius, the EBU-coordinator of  the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 has told about how EBU plan to change a voting procedure from which finally depends what from the submitted songs will be named the winner.

Svante Stockselius, EBU-coordinator     During performance, both in a semifinal, and in the final, the computer will calculate all voices received from thirty six countries, participating in Contest of 2004. By results of all these received voices points, which are awarded to a song will be calculated - each song can receive from 1 up to 7 points. Thus, when final voting will begin, scoreboard already will show so-called “preliminary result” for each song. The secretary of jury from each country should to declare, in turn, only names of the countries to which eight, ten and twelve points has been awarded accordingly. EBU plans to promulgate details of how lower points has been awarded after the show.

     Back in September, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has signed a four-year agreement with T-Com, Deutsche Telekom’s fixed-line division and its affiliate Digame.de under which the company will provide telecommunication services for the Eurovision Song Contest. Votes from all viewers will be counted and verified at a central clearing house in real time. The results will be fed instantly back to both the participating broadcasters and the EBU. It is this new centralised clearing system which has made possible the new slimmed down voting.

     Stockselius has told to OGAE Norway, that the new system will give a chance to all 36 active participants to take part in voting, both in a semifinal, and in the final, and thus not overrunning time limit - 3 hours on each part of show. This idea should meet with still approval from Reference Group - the EBU division, which provides hosting of the Eurovision Song Contests, but, most likely, Reference Group will ratify this offer.

    Source:   web-site http://www.doteurovision.com/

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