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News of the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 at March 2004


    The forecast of results of the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 was published

     BBookmaker office  Coral/Eurobet  has published the forecast of results of the Eurovision Song Contest 2004. The most probable winners - Ireland, Sweden and the Great Britain. There are a lot of chances of a victory at Russia and Belarus, Ukraine, on the contrary, has not a lot of chances.

     If  to speak it literally, it not the forecast exactly, but it is agreement, on which it is possible to make a bet on a victory of concrete country. But, naturally, than more payment for your single bet on some country, that the probability of a victory of this country (by bookmaker's opinion) is less. Bookmakers will not make unprofitable bets. And, as bookmakers are people, which are engaged in forecasts professionally (and, as against weather forecasters, on conditions of self-compencate ;-) that, in my opinion, can be trusted to their forecasts. So, "table of ranks" of the concrete countries, on the basis of bets from Coral/Eurobet:

Страна - участникМесто

The most probable winner

It is a vert lot of chances of a victory

It is a lot of chances of a victory

Chances of a victory are above the average

Average chances of a victory

Chances of a victory are lower than average

Chances of a victory are essentially lower than average

It is a little chances of a victory

It is a very little chances of a victory

Almost is not any chance

     At my personal sight, the forecast is not perfect, as probability of a victory of  Israel, Finland and Malta should be the greatest and approximately equal (I like them songs most then others.). Well, may be, Israel is most probably winner. The future will show.

    Source:   esctoday.com


    Eurovision Song Contest 2004 running order is known now!

     Yesterday, on March, 23, representatives of  Turkey and  EBU  have carried out a toss-up about running order on the Eurovision Song Contest 2004. A lot pulled the Heads of  Delegations of countries - participants. Eurovision Song Contest supervisor Svante Stockselius represented the European Broadcasting Union. Results of a toss-up:

Semifinal, May, 12

Country - participant
 1     Finland - Jari Sillanpää - Takes 2 to Tango
 2     Belarus - Alexandra & Konstantin - My Galileo
 3     Switzerland - Piero Esteriore - Celebrate
 4     Latvia - Ivo Fomins & Tomass Kleins - Dziesma par Laimi
 5     Israel - David D’Or - Le’ha’amin
 6     Andorra - Marta Roure - Jugarem a Estimar-nos
 7     Portugal - Sofia - Foi Magia
 8     Malta - Julie & Ludwig - On Again Off Again
 9     Monaco - Maryon - Prenez Soin de Notre Planéte
10     Greece - Sakis Rouvas - Shake It
11     Ukraina - Rooslana Lyzhychko - Wild Dance
12     Lithuania - Linas & Simona - What’s Happened to Your Love
13     Albania - Anjeza Shaini - Imazhi Yt
14     Cyprus - Lisa Andreas - Stronger Every Minute
15     FYRO Macedonia - Tose Proeski - Life is a Book
16     Slovenia - Platin - Stay Forever
17     Estonia - Neiokösö - Tii
18     Croatia - Ivan Mikulich - You Give me Wings (Dajes Mi Krila)
19     Denmark - Tomas Thordarson - Shame on You (Sig Det’ Løgn)
20     Serbia & Montenegro - Željko Joksimovic - Lane moje
21     Bosnia-Herzegovina - Deen - In The Disco
22     Netherlands - Reunion - Without You

Grand Final, May, 15

Country - participant
 1      Spain - Ramón - Para Llenarme De Ti
 2     Austria - Tie Break - Du Bist
 3     Norway - Knut Anders - High
 4     France - Jonatan Cerrada - À Chaque Pas
 5              Open position for qualifier round top 10
 6              Open position for qualifier round top 10
 7              Open position for qualifier round top 10
 8     Germany - Max - Can’t Wait Until Tonight
 9              Open position for qualifier round top 10
10              Open position for qualifier round top 10
11              Open position for qualifier round top 10
12              Open position for qualifier round top 10
13     Belgium - Xandee - 1 Life
14     Russia - Julia Savicheva - Believe Me
15              Open position for qualifier round top 10
16              Open position for qualifier round top 10
17     Iceland - Jón Jósep Snjæbjörnsson (Jónsi) - Heaven
18     Ireland - Chris Doran - If the World Stops Turning
19     Poland - Blue Cafe - Love Song
20     The United Kindom of Great Britain - James Fox - Hold on to Our Love
21              Open position for qualifier round top 10
22     Turkey - Athena - For Real
23     Romania - Sanda Ladosi - I Admit
24     Sweden - Lena Philipsson - Det Gör Ont

     The open positions will be filled up with the top ten countries from the qualifier round. After the qualifier round, on May,12, no points will be revealed, only the countries that qualified themseleves will be drawn by the hosts for the open positions.

    Source :  esctoday.com


    Lena Philipsson - the representative of Sweden

     Lena Philipsson will represent  Sweden on the Eurovision Song Contest 2004. At Istanbul she with act with song “ Det Gör Ont ” (“ It Hurts ”).

     On Saturday, on March, 20 she became the winner of  the Swedish competition “ Melodifestival 2004 ”. Besides Lena Philipsson, at the Final of competition 9 more executors had taken part, including well-known group Y-Type. Y-Type has taken only the fifth place. And Fame on the sixth place.

     Both jury and televiewers participated at the voting. Final results of voting:

Points ( % )
1    Lena Philipsson    Det Gör Ont (It Hurts)23224,52
2   Shirley Clamp   Min Kärlek (My Love)17418,39
3   After Dark   La Dolce Vita15616,49
4   Petra Nielsen   Tango! Tango!15115,96
5   E-Type   Paradise757,93
6   Fame   Vindarna Vänder Oss (The Winds Turn Us Around)666,98
7    Sara Löfgren    Som Stormen (Like the Storm)525,50
8   Sandra Dahlberg   Här Sstannar Jag Kvar (Here I'll Stay)192,01
9   Andrés Esteche   Olé, Olé!141,48
10   Hanson, Carson & Malmkwist   C’est la Vie70,74

     By the way, at  http://svt.se/svt/jsp/Crosslink.jsp?d=11483&dep=13181&art=190297  you may view the performance of each participant at the final. In Real Player format.

    Source:   esctoday.com


    Car of representatives of  Belorus - Alexandra & Konstantin - has collided with other car

     On March, 15 car of representatives of  Belorus - Alexandra & Konstantin - has collided with other car. When musicians went to Minsk, their “Zhigulis”(it’s russian middle-sized car) ran at Ford, because Ford's driver has not coped with his car and has come on a strip of counter movement. Impact has turned out sliding. As a result of autocrush, Alexandra has received a trauma of a head, and Konstantin has received fracture of rib. Both drivers are in hospital now.

     Despite of the received traumas, on March, 17 musicians had to participate at filming of clip as this clip should be sent to organizers of the Contest till March, 20. Maxim Nosov is the director of this clip, and clip's filming carried out in the Museum of national architecture and a life under open sky at Strochiza.

    Source:   minsk.kp.ru


    EBU will release СD and DVD collections from the Eurovision - 2004

     EBU  has declared, that will release the double compilation CD with all songs from the Eurovision Song Contest 2004. CD will be produced under the EMI  label. On sale the collection will appear after April, 26.

     Also EBU will release DVD-disk with record of the Contest. On sale the disk should appear after June, 7.

     The first CD - collection with records from the Eurovision Song Contest has been released at 2000 (accordingly, there were songs from the Eurovision-2000 on it). Then it has been sold about 200 000 copies. BMG company has made this disk.

    Source:    doteurovision.com

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