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News of the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 at January 2004


    The representative of Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 was named

    On January, 28 Spanish telebroadcasting company RTVE  has summed up competition “ Operacion Triunfo 3 ”. 18-years old Ramón from Canary Islands became the winner. Now he will represent Spain on the Eurovision Song Contest 2004. On May, 15 at Istanbul Ramón will act with a song “ Para Llenarme De Ti ”.

     In total four participants have taken part in the final of competition - Davinia, Miguel, Ramón and Vicente. The winner has been chosen by televoting. Results of voting:

ParticipantSongVoices (%)
1    RamónPara Llenarme De Ti38,8
2   VicenteSe Me Va La Vida29,3
3   MiguelMuéveme16,5
4   DaviniaComo Quieres Que Te Quiera15,4

    Source:   eurosong.net


    TRT has decided to change a place of hosting 49-th Eurovision Song Contest 2004

    TRT  has made the decision to replace a place of hosting 49-th Eurovision Song Contest 2004. Mydonese Showland have found too small hall for such action. Now a place of hosting the Contest will Abdi Ipekçi Sports Hall. TRT and EBU  have already concluded the contract with administration of this hall.

Abdi Ipekci Sports Hall     Abdi Ipekçi Sports Hall  has been constructed at the end of  80-s’, but recently modernized. It is capable to contain 15 000 person in a hall though, presumably, has problems with acoustics. Apparently, these problems have been successfully solved.

    Real capacity of  Abdi Ipekçi will be about 10 000 spectators. Thus, the full number of viewers will be increase more than three times (Mydonese Showland could contain 3 000 person only). It good, because enables the more number of fans of the Eurovision to view the Contest personally, instead of record. By the way, under messages from TRT, tickets will cost from 30 up to 150 € (At the last year its price was about 600€). Sale of tickets will begin after February, 9. Details find on a web-site of the Eurovision (http://www.eurovision.tv).

    Source:   doteurovision.com


    Design of a stage of the Eurovision Song Contest 2004

    Representatives of  36 various countries, cultures and religions will appear on stage at Abdi Ipekçi at May, “ Under the same sky ”.

Stage of the Eurovision Song Contest 2004     Organizers of show want, that spectators became witnesses of fireworks of colors and shapes. The hall where the contest will pass, has the good view of a stage from all places. The stage will give to actors a lot of place for lighting effects, which will accompany their performances.

     By the plan of designers, the stage should associate with images of the world famous monuments of turkish architecture - the Haya Sofya and the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. Istanbul is similar to city from magic fairy tales of Arabian Nights, but with the tolerant and peace population, which includes representatives of various cultures. Pleasure and respect - the basic values which are valuable for the city dwellers.

Stage of the Eurovision Song Contest 2004     The center of a stage, similarly to middle nave at cathedral or the large prayer room of a mosque, should become the center of attention. The dome consisting from “minarets of light”, frames this structure and will simultaneously give depth to the project. It is supposed, that a prototype of the project was the Blue Mosque and its 256 glass windows. Whether the external circle of a stage will be made on its similarity, time will show .

     For now there are only models of a stage. They are little abstruse now, but beautiful at any case. To see, how all this will be realized actually, it is necessary to wait simply till May, 12. So.

    Source:    http://www.eurovision.tv/