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News of the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 at May 2004


    The results of televoting during hosting of the Grand-Final of 49-th Eurovision Song Contest 2004

     Results of number of votes during the Grand-Final of 49-th Eurovision Song Contest 2004 has been published on website  esctoday.com. It has been registered 4 267 791 voices at all. There is distribution of  voices at each country:

CountryNumber of voices
 1      Germany1 061 049
 2      Switzerland503 627
 3      The United Kindom of Great Britain415 558
 4      Sweden294 828
 5      Austria284 902
 6      Greece192 564
 7      Netherlands158 559
 8      Denmark136 769
 9      Turkey121 008
10      Cyprus117 751
11      Russia96 955
12      Bosnia & Herzegovina95 062
13      Norway81 278
14      Belgium76 123
15      Poland72 295
16      Slovenia61 844
17      France54 495
18      Macedonia47 599
19      Iceland46 310
20      Finland45 952
21      Latvia40 453
22      Croatia40 220
23      Spain39 005
24      Ireland36 998
25      Estonia34 615
26      Serbia & Montenegro20 909
27      Lithuania19 627
28      Belarus16 204
29      Israel14 297
30      Malta12 392
31      Romania11 698
32      Portugal8 597
33      Ukraina4 323
34      Andorra3 003
35      Albania812
36      Monaco110

     It is good, that the Eurovision is so popular in Germany. But figures from Russia cause despondency. Especially if to take into account, that Russia considerably outstrips other countries by quantity of the population. By the way, there are 65 thousand inhabitants that lives in Andorra only, it is less than in any average small town near Moscow, and there is registered 3 thousand voices from Andorra! Or, for example, only 753 thousand inhabitants lives on Cyprus, and 117 751 persons has voted on island. At least it is silly to speak that the victory on the Eurovision is national idea for Russia after such figures (in fact 96 955 is about 0, 04 % of population of the country). And I spoke concerning that was a little voting in Belarus during elections of the participant of  Contest…


    Results of the Grand-Final of the 49-th Eurovision Song Contest 2004

 1      Ukraina280
 2      Serbia & Montenegro263
 3      Greece252
 4      Turkey195
5-6      Sweden170
5-6      Cyprus170
 7      Albania106
 8      Germany92
 9      Bosnia & Herzegovina91
10      Spain87
11      Russia67
12-13      Malta50
12-13      Croatia50
14      Macedonia46
15      France40
16      Poland30
17      The United Kindom of Great Britain29
18      Romania18
19      Iceland16
20      Austria9
21      Netherlands8
22-23      Ireland7
22-23      Belgium7
24      Norway3

     Well that nobody has remained in general without points. It is possible to look results of voting here.

     You may see big  Photo-gallery  of  Ruslana, the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 on esctoday.com.


    Voting procedure in the Grand-Final of 49-th Eurovision Song Contest 2004

     The voting procedure of  the countries in the Grand-Final was published and persons who will declare results of voting on the air are specified on website  esctoday.com. 36 countries will take part in voting:

CodeCountryPlace of broadcastSpokesperson
AD      AndorraAndorra la VellaMs. Pati Molné
AL      AlbaniaTiranaMr. Zhani Ciko
AT      AustriaViennaMs. Dodo Roscic
BA      Bosnia & HerzegovinaSarajevoMija Martina
BE      BelgiumBrusselsMartine Prenen
BY      BelarusMinskMr Denis Kurian
CH      SwitzerlandZürich Ms Emel Aykanat
CS      Serbia & MontenegroBelgradoMs Natasha Miljkovic
CY      CyprusNicosiaMr Loukas Hamatsos
DE      GermanyHamburgMr Thomas Anders
DK      DenmarkCopenhagenMs Camilla Ottesen
EE      EstoniaTallinnMaarja Liis Ilus
ES      SpainMadridMs Anne Igartiburu
FI      FinlandHelsinkiMs Anna Stenlund
FR      FranceParisMr Alex Taylor
GB      United Kindom of Great BritainLondonMs Lorraine Kelly
GR      GreeceAthenasMr Alexis Kostalas
HR      CroatiaZagrebMs Barbara Kolar
IE     IrelandDublinJohnny Logan
IL      IsraelJerusalemMs Merav Miller
IS      IcelandReykjavikMs. Sigrun Osk Kristjansdottir
LT      LithuaniaVilniusMr Rolandas Vilkoncius
LV      LatviaRigaMr Lauris Reiniks
MO      MonacoMonte CarloMs Anne Allegrini
MK      MacedoniaSkopjeKarolina Petkovska
MT      MaltaVallettaMs Clair Agius
NL      NetherlandsHilversumEsther Hart
NO      NorwayOsloMs Ingvild Helljesen
PO      PolandWarschawaMr Maciej Orlos
PT      PortugalLisbonMs Isabel Angelino
RO      RomaniaBucharestMs Andreea Marin
RU      RussiaMoskowMs Yana Churikova
SE      SwedenStockholmMr Jovan Radomir
Sl      SloveniaLjubljanaMr Peter Poles
TR       TurkeyAnkaraMs Meltem Ersan Yazgan
UA      UkrainaKievMr Pavlo Shylko

    Source:    esctoday.com


    The press-conference of EBU

     Yesterday, on May, 13  EBU  has held the press conference devoted to voting during the Qualifying Round of the Eurovision Song Contest 2004. It was been spoken at the conference about the future voting during the Grand-Final of the Contest  and about some other problems also.

     The basic attention on conference has been given to questions of  quality of  sound during performances of  participants, to questions of system of  televoting, to problems of  voting at Monaco and Croatia due to which distribution of points has been exchanged, and also to a question of hosting of  Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2004. There was supervisor Svante Stockelius among representatives of  EBU.

Svante Stockselius, EBU-Supervisor     Concerning bad quality of a sound during performances of  participants (it was marked by both actors and spectators), representatives of  EBU  have told, that they have already established the reason of it, have warned organizers of  the Contest, TRT, and they hope, that all problems will be eliminated till evening of Saturday.

     According to  EBU, at present time the system of  televoting is perfect enough. It provides a full transparency during voting procedure. Problems not in system and not in the company which support this system, but in the concrete countries. During voting procedure there is a period of time - 6 minutes - during which are carried out gathering, sorting and calculation of voices. After that results are deduced on scoreboard and then disclosed officially. When results of  voting from Monaco appeared, according to these results all 22 countries have received zero points as though anybody in the country has not used system of  televoting. Representatives of  EBU have demanded from Monaco to repeat check of results. Monaco has confirmed: any person did not vote. As time drew in, and also the repeated confirmation of these results has been received the  EBU accepted these results. Voting procedure has been passed normally in Croatia but it has turned out, that many croatian people have managed to vote for the own country (it is forbidden by  Rules of the Eurovision) . Usually in similar cases such voices are simply reject. For unknown reasons the system of voting in Croatia could not make it and as a result Croatia has granted 4 points to itself.

     Representatives of  EBU have declared, that during voting in the Grand-Final  they will observe more steadfastly of  these two countries. Monaco and Croatia have already found sources of problems. Besides it Monaco will promulgate the full report about this incident.

     Also during the press-conference the problem of hosting this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2004 has been mentioned. Problem is that British company ITV (it was responsible for hosting of  the Contest at Manchester), has refused the obligations. The new place of hosting is not named yet.

    Source:   website  eurovision.tv


    The updated results of voting on the countries which have not reached the Grand-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2004

     According to  EBU, results of voting at the Qualifying Round which were declared earlier, inexact. The list of the countries which will participate at the Grand-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2004, has remained former, but points received by other countries, have changed:

11-12      Israel57
11-12      Estonia57
13      Denmark56
14      Finland51
15      Portugal38
16      Lithuania26
17      Latvia23
18      Andorra12
19-20      Belarus10
19-20      Monaco10
21      Slovenia5
22      Switzerland0

    Source:   website  eurovision.tv


    Results of the Qualifying Round of the Eurovision Song Contest 2004

     The Qualifying Round of the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 was ended. The following 10 countries will participate at Grand-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2004:

      Serbia & Montenegro

     The others 12 countries have not reached the Grand-Final of the Contest and have occupied places from 11 to 22 at the Qualifying Round. These countries:

11      Estonia65
12      Israel57
13      Denmark56
14      Finland45
15      Portugal37
16      Lithuania26
17      Latvia21
18      Andorra12
19      Slovenia11
20-21      Belarus10
20-21      Monaco10
22      Switzerland0

     It is really a pity to me, that Israel, Finland, Latvia and Belarus have not reached the Grand-Final. In my opinion, these countries had very good songs. But Malta has reached the Grand-Final. Their song very much is pleasant to me also.

    Source:   website  eurovision.tv


    Order of a voting procedure at the Qualifying Round

    On May, 12  EBU  has promulgated the order of a voting procedure at the Qualifying Round.

     Inhabitants of  33 countries - participants of the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 could vote. Inhabitants of the countries, which refused to broadcast the Qualifying Round of the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 (Poland, France and Russia) were not supposed to voting. It was possible to vote no more than 20 times from one telephone number (only in those countries where was possible to take into account a maximum quantity of  bells from one phone line). It was possible to vote by SMS also.

     Names of the countries which have reached the Grand-Final of  the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 have been sealed in envelopes. The order of opening of envelopes was casual. The country, which name was in the first opened envelope, takes the first free position in the list of performances in the Grand-Final, etc. Completely results of  the Qualifying Round of the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 will be declared on Sunday.

    Source:   website  eurovision.tv

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