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News of the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 at October 2003


    Svet named possible Albanian participant on Eurovision 2004

    Adrian Gaxha, according to the Balkan press, will become the singer who will represent Albania at the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 in Istanbul. He belongs to generation of new Albanian singers. At present Adrian Gaxha is the one of the most popular musicians in the his country.

Adrian Gaxha - probable participant from Albania at Eurovision 2004     It was initially supposed, that the representative of  Albania will be determined by results of annual competition RTSH Festivali, which is carried out in December (at 18 - 20 December at 2003) in Tirana. But big bosses from RTSH (it is the Albanian telebroadcasting company) had refused this idea. They want that the first Albanian performer at Eurovision Song Contest would became the professional who would have strong support from the recording company.

     Albanian news portal Svet (which the first has published this message) has contacted with the father of the singer (father of  Adrian Gaxha simultaneously is also his manager). Father has recognized, that the musician already have proposed to represent Macedonia at Contest. Nevertheless, he has refused to confirm the message that Adrian Gaxha will become the representative of  Albania as the agreement is not complet finally yet.

    Source:   web-site http://www.doteurovision.com/

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