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News of the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 at April 2004


    Problems at macedonian delegation

     According to a website  esctoday.com,  macedonian delegation has some financial problems. Besides it, the macedonian representative - Tose Proeski - thinks to refuse from participation on the Eurovision Song Contest 2004.

     According to the manager of the singer, trip of macedonian delegation to Istanbul can face a problem of  financing. A source of this problem - expensive filming of video clip of song  Life is (according to gossips, it has been spent about €65 000 on this filming), and back-vocalists whom will act together with Tose on a stage of the Eurovision Song Contest 2004. According to  esctoday.com, they demand too high fees.

     Besides it, Tose Proeski  had idea to refuse from participation on the Eurovision Song Contest 2004. The problem is that European Broadcasting Union names the country which been represents by Tose  “ Former Yugoslavian Republic Macedonia (FYRO Macedonia) ”. But Macedonians (including Proeski) do not want to be “ former ” and decided that their country should be named simply Macedonia. Thus Proeski wanted to refuse from participation on the Contest as a token of the protest because this problem not solved till now. However, Tose has not realized this idea yet.

     Nevertheless, at present  Tose Proeski  continues to advertise song  Life is. The singer has already visited Bosnia & Herzegovina and Serbia & Montenegro with promo tour, and his team strenuously prepares for performance on the Contest. Also Tose has released out the new album, which include song  Life is.

    Source:   esctoday.com


    OGAE Норвегии выбрало своего победителя Конкурса Песни Евровидение 2004

     On April, 17 the Norwegian fans of the EurovisionOGAE Norway ) had met in Oslo and decided to find out, who from participants of the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 is pleasant more to them.

     In total 67 person was present at this meeting . It has been allocated 20 points to each of them. Thouse points could be allocated free between countries - participants. However it was impossible to give points to Norway, because all voting people was Norwegians, and by Rules of the Eurovision during the true voting it is impossible to submit a voice for the own country.

    Certainly, 67 person is not all Norway yet. But, nevertheless, in my opinion, results of this voting represent some interest. These results:

 1      Sweden21115,75
 2      Ukraina13710,22
 3      Denmark1098,13
 4      Belgium1047,76
 5      Serbia & Montenegro926,87
 6      Cyprus594,40
 7      Monako564,18
 8      France483,58
 9      Israel443,28
10      FYRO Macedonia433,21
11      Russia413,06
12-13      Iceland402,99
12-13      Spain402,99
14      Turkey362,69
15-16      Malta332,46
15-16      The United Kindom of Great Britain332,46
17      Belarus292,16
18      Andorra241,79
19-20      Albania191,42
19-20      Greece191,42
21      Romania181,34
22-23      Bosnia-Herzegovina161,19
22-23      Estonia161,19
24      Germany130,97
25      Croatia110,82
26      Poland100,75
27      Finland90,67
28-29      Switzerland70,52
30      Slovenia60,45
31-32      Latvia30,22
31-32      Lithuania30,22
33-34      Netherlands20,15
33-34      Portugal20,15
35      Austria00,00

    Source:   esctoday.com


    Netherlands help the Belarus schools

    One of participants of the Dutch selection competition, André Kuik, has decided to sell dresses (in which his back-vocalists acted) on charitable auction. The singer plans to transfer to the Belarus schools all collected money. 

Those dresses     More precisely speaking, the money will be transfered to program Sponsor the bus. It is the Dutch charitable program of raising money which will go on purchase school buses and the other equipment for the Belarus schools. Also in framework of this program the 1 600 kilometer bicycle race will be carried out- also with the purpose to collect money for the aid of the Belarus schools.

     André Kuik has told, that “ I am very happy the dresses can help to create a better world ”. Dresses which are made manually and contain flags of all countries participating in the Eurovision Song Contest 2004, will be sold on a website  huifkar.nl.

    Source:   esctoday.com


    One of these days the website  eurovisionturkey.net  was been hacked

     One of these days (on April, 13) the website  eurovisionturkey.net  (the English version of the website) was been hacked.

     Due to a picture on a site it is clearly that this hack has been made by  “Bosnian Elite Team a.k.a Crew”. In such unusual way bosnian hackers has decided to support singer  Deen - the representative of the their country.

     It is natural, that until the website will not been reanimated, all materials from it (in particular, mp3-files) will be inaccessible. However, this hack proves one simple thing: eurovisionturkey.net is a quite good site. In fact nobody begins to spend the forces to bad website, isn’t it?. Nevertheless, it is possible to condole to owners - when your site was been hacked, it is unpleasant, of course. Patriotism is a good feeling, but in my opinion,  Deen  not bad singer quite, and not needed anything like this.

     I hope, that  eurovisionturkey.net  will be restored soon.


    Only 33 countries will be able to vote in qualifier round of the Eurovision Song Contest 2004

     According to website  esctoday.com, Svante Stockselius, the EBU-supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 has told, that only 33 countries which will broadcast a qualifier round of the Contest, will vote in it.

Svante Stockselius, EBU-supervisor      This decision meets the Rules of Contest 2004, therefore at those countries, which inhabitants will may not look the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 (It is Poland, Russia and France), voting procedure by jury will become impossible too.

     Stockselius has told also, that  EBU  would look to all possibilities, to keep all options open if one of the countries that doesn’t broadcast the qualifier round decides to change their decision. So it is possible that inhabitants of Russia and France will may see qualifier round. At this moment only the Polish TVP  has declared, that will not reconsider the decision.

    Source:   esctoday.com


    David D’Or has believed in April Fools’ joke

     April Fools’ jokes are popular not only at Russia. David D’Or  had been hoaxed during participation on radio programm..

     When  David D’Or  as the guest participated on one of  radio programm, the hoster of  programm has read joint statement from  EBU and IBA at which it has been told, that  David D’Or’s participation on the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 is cancelled now, due to his unauthorized performance in a TV commercial to a cellular company, which was linked to Eurovision. The hoster even has asked press-secretary  IBA  to comment this statement. Press-secretary on the air has told, that Israel will try to protest against this decision of  EBU, but due to lack of  time, other actor was appointed by the representative of  Israel.

     David D’Or  did not expect such dirty trick and was very much afflicted. However, the sense of  humour has not abandoned the singer. “ Had I known this would happen, I would have asked for a higher fee for the commercial ” - he has told. Only later, when fake statement has been solemnly handed to him and it have been explained, that he has become a victim to an April Fools’ joke, David D’Or  has relaxed. “ My stomach trembled and shivered at first, of course. I am not good with dates, I never realized its April fools day today... ” - has told the singer.

    Source:   esctoday.com

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