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News of the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 at February 2004


    The song with which David D’Or will act at the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 was declared

     Israel has named a song with which  David D’Or  will act on May, 12 at Istanbul. The choice has been made during teletranslation by voting procedure. D’Or has executed four songs - “ Bo’u Mal’achim ”, “ Freedom ”, “ Yamim Tovim ” and  Le’ha’amin. Both jury and televiewers participated at voting. By the results of voting, the “ Le’ha’amin ” has won. The song has received about 66 % of voices of televiewers and about 60 % of voices of jury. By the way, according to the singer, this song he liked more than others.

    Source:   esctoday.com


    The representative of France on the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 has been named

     France 3  has named the representative of  France on the Eurovision Song Contest 2004. Jonatan Cerrada had become this singer. The song with which he will act on May, 15 at Istanbul, will be named later.

Jonatan Cerrada from France     Jonatan Cerrada - the 18-years Belgian (is more exact Wallonian - he was born at Wallonia - french-speaking area of Belgium) with the Spanish roots. Despite of his youth, he has already had time to win telecompetition “ A la recherche de la nouvelle star ”. Also his first single - “ Je voulais te dire que je t’attends ” is on the second place in the official French list of the most sold hits. Besides, singer’s first album - “ Siempre 23 ” has beesn released already.

     In more detail about the singer you may read on a web-site  eurovisionfrance.com

    Source:  eurovisionfrance.com


    The representative of Denmark on the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 has been named

    On February, 7 the final of the Danish competition “ Melodi 2004 ” has been carried out. Tomas Thordarson with a song  Sig Det’ Løgn  had become the winner.

     The final of the Danish competition is similar to the Finnish final of the “ Euroviisut ”. It passed in two stages, like a “ Euroviisut ”. In total there were ten participants, all songs was singing on the Danish language. During the first stage five songs, which have taken part in the second stage have been selected (not by jury, as at Finland, but by randomly chosen televiewers). During the second stage the winner - Tomas Tordarson has been named. Voices were distributed as follows:

Points ( % )
1    Tomas Thordarson    Sig Det’ Løgn6030
2   Zidididada   Prinsesse4623
3   Neighbours   Solens sang4020
4   Ditlev   Hvor end du går hen2814
5   Petsi Tvørfoss   Mest når det er regn2613
6   Kaare Thøgersen   Lykkelig I Nat--
7    Claes Wegener    For Jeg Kan Li’ Dig--
8   Mathias Kryger   Lonnie, Kom Nu Hjem--
9   Nanna Larsen   Kys Mig En Gang Til--
10   Jan Klausen   Stjerner Blinker I Dit Navn--

     Now “ Sig Det’ Løgn ” will be translated on English language (in English it sounds as “ Say it’s a lie ”). With the English version Tomas Tordarson will act on May, 12 at Istanbul.

    Source:   eurosong.net


    The representative of Estonia on the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 has been named

    The Estonian competition “ Eurolaul 2004 ” has come to the end. Female group Neiokösö had become the winner of competition. Girls acted with song Tii.

     On February, 7 the final of competition “ Eurolaul 2004 ” has been carried out. 10 applicants have taken part at it. At the first time for all time of participation of Estonia on the Eurovision, the choice of the winner has been made by televiewers by televoting. However, just in case there was also a reserve jury. Group Neiokösö was the first with a huge separation. Results of voting:

Voices ( % )
1    Neiokösö    Tii8 69644,68
2   Kerli Köiv   Beautiful Inside3 63818,69
3   Slobodan River   Surrounded2 08010,69
4   Maarja   Homme1 3206,78
5   Charizma   I’ll Give You a Mountain1 1575,95
6   Charlene   Whatever You Say7593,90
7    Ewert Sundja    Dance6403,29
8   Zone & Cardinals   Turn the Tide5812,99
9   Airi Ojamets   I Wanna Stay3932,02
10   Hatuna & Sofia Rubina   Whenever Blue1971,01

     The group Neiokösö consist of nu Taul, Triinu Taul, Astrid Böning, Diana Pöld, Kadri Uutma and Peeter Jögioja (drums). The text of song Tii has been written on the southern version of the Estonian language - on Vöru dialect. The text has composed by Aapo Ilves, music - by Priit Pajusaar and Glen Pilvre.

    Source:   etv.ee


    Songs, which will take part on the Cyprian National Final, has been named

    Cyprian telebroadcasting company CyBC  has named songs, which will take part on the Cyprian National Final. Its list:

1    MillionaireGeorge PlatonGeorge Platon
2    Stronger every minuteMike KonnarisMike Konnaris
3    ColdKonstantinos KoundourosKonstantinos Koundouros
4    I need love Chrysanthos ChrysanthouParis Meletiou
5    Come to meEleni Skarpari, Andreas SkarparisMichalis Pittas
6    MePeter AndreAristos Moschovakis
7    Vision of dreamsLefki StylianouLefki Stylianou
8    Burning fireMichalis RoussosMichalis Roussos
9    Analyse your loveVaggelis EvaggelouNikos Evaggelou
10    Tell meLia Ioannidi ScorpionLia Ioannidi Scorpion

     The National Final will be carried out on February, 25, 2004. As the guests on it are invited the representative of Cyprus on the last Eurovision 2003 - Stelios Constantas, the representative of Israel at present Contest - David D’Or and Marianda Pieridi. The winner of the Final will be defined by televoting.

    Source:   doteurovison.com


    The representative of Belarus at the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 was named

    On February, 1 BTRC  has summed up the National Final. The duet Alexandra and Konstantin became the winner. They executed a song “ Мой Галилей ” with which, obviously, will go now to Istanbul on Eurovision Song Contest 2004 as representatives of Belarus.

    The Belarus televiewers might vote both by phone, and by Internet (apparently, the second way has not inspired them ;-). Results of voting:

ParticipantSongTelevotingInternetAll results
1    Duet Alexandrа and Konstantin    Мой Галлилей2 3047,6375,932 3117,62
2   Natalia Podolskaja    Любовь не остановить2 1637,165042,372 2137,30
3   Maxim Sapatkov    Пусть тает снег2 1096,98108,472 1196,99
4    Irina Dorofeeva    Не надо бояться любви2 0626,8354,242 0676,82
5   Alexandra Gajduk    Я храню надежду2 0376,7521,692 0396,73
6   Corriana (Ekaterina Kachina)    Свобода1 9986,62108,472 0086,62
7    Alexander Soloduha    Не переживай1 9936,6032,541 9966,58
8   Polina Smolova (Soroko)    Песня о любви1 9716,5365,081 9776,52
9   Anna Bogdanova    Просто слова…1 9616,4965,081 9676,49
10    Yana (Tatyana Lipnitskaja)    Скажи мне1 9506,464 3,391 9546,45
11   Janet (Janet Buterus)    Лель1 9436,4354,241 9486,43
12   Natalia Tamelo    Дождись1 9376,4100,001 9376,39
13    Olga Molchanovа    Я пытаюсь1 9266,3865,081 9326,37
14   Dmitry Starovojtov and band MiLR    С прекрасным светом1 9246,3732,541 9276,36
15   Adelina Petrosyan    Говорят1 9196,3510,851 9206,33

     You may read an interesting interview with musicians on page http://www.borisovcity.net/a_k.htm (on Russisn language).

    Source:    BTRC

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