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The all events and the news of the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 for April of 2004 year.

   April, 2004

  •    The first German winner of the Eurovision - female singer Nicole has declared that Max, most likely, will not become the winner of the Eurovision 2004. At the same time Nicole has recognized, that the singer has very good voice. Despite of this pessimistic statement, song  Can’t Wait Until Tonight  with which Max will acted at Contest, became popular enough . It is already sold more than 200 000 copies of song.

  •    Marta Roure has declared what to be the first representative of Andorra and to be the first on the Eurovision who will sing on Сatalan language is the big responsibility. To present Andorra so well as far as it is possible - main objective of the female singer. Besides it, Marta Roure, certainly, hopes to reach the final . By the way, the female singer also has declared, that she did not hear anybody from other participants of the Contest. Marta wants to keep it as a surprise.

  •    According to a website esctoday.com, decoration of stage of   Abdi Ipekçi Sport Hall, where the 49-th Eurovision Song Contest 2004 will be carried out, is in full swing. The stage should be completely ready before 5-th May when delegations of countries - participants will arrive to Istanbul.

  •    The drummer of  Estonian group Neiokösö, Peeter Jögisoo has promised to surprise spectators during performance on May, 12 at Istanbul. Jögisoo said, that performance of  Estonia will become “ small shock therapy ” for spectators.

  •    Supervisor of  EBU,  Svante Stockselius has told about a voting procedure of this year. Most important moments - time of televoting will been increased from 5 till 10 minutes; results of voting will not declare during the Qualifier Round, but 10 countries, which have reached the final, will been named only ; all 36 countries will award points in alphabetic order during the Grand-Final.

  •    According to Slovene tabloid Lady, representatives of  Slovenia, members of duet Platin - Simon and Diana - are going to get married. Ceremony should take place on May, 13 on the white boat just off coast of  Istanbul. It will be the first wedding which has been carried out on the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 (if, certainly, the message of a tabloid was true).

  •    According to EBU, the press centre of  the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 will be placed outside of stadium Abdi Ipekçi, in tents. The lack of place inside the stadium became the reason of acceptance of such decision.

  •    The official website of the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 - eurovision.tv - has been updated. There are the information about participants, texts of songs, news and many other things on it now.

  •    According to a website  esctoday.com,  macedonian delegation has some financial problems. Besides it, the macedonian representative - Tose Proeski - thinks to refuse from participation on the Eurovision Song Contest 2004.  Read more...

  •    The representative of  Greece, Sakis Rouvas has released a new version of song  Shake It.

  •    The representative of  Portugal, the female singer  Sofia  has released the final version of her song,  Foi Magia.

  •    The representative of Bosnia, the singer  Deen  will go to Istanbul with promo tour. He will visit some television broadcasting stations and will meet with journalists on April, 21 in the Bosnian consulate at Istanbul. Besides that  Deen  has released CD with song  In The Disco. Also there are a videoclip, biographies of the singer and the author songs, a history of performances of Bosnia-Herzegovina on the Eurovision on the CD.

  •    Representatives of  Lithuania, Linas & Simona  has opened their own website, linasandsimona.lt.

  •    On April, 17 the Norwegian fans of the EurovisionOGAE Norway ) had met in Oslo and decided to find out, who from participants of the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 is pleasant more to them.  Read more...

  •    One of participants of the Dutch selection competition, André Kuik, has decided to sell dresses (in which his back-vocalists acted) on charitable auction. The singer plans to transfer to the Belarus schools all collected money.  Read more...

  •    Representatives of  Estonia - group Neiokösö - have released CD with song  Tii. The disk contains different versions of song plus a videoclip.

  •    Representatives of  Malta - duet  Julie & Ludwig - within the framework of the promo-tour have visited Portugal.

  •    At present time decorators finish external decorations of complex  Abdi Ipekçi, where the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 will be carried out. Columns of a complex has painted in color of a turkish flag already. Also the street has been decorated on which the sport center is located . Soon decorators will decorate stage.

  •    Australian company SBS which has expressed desire to show the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 on its continent, has launched website devoted to the contest - http://www.sbs.com.au/eurovision/des.php3.

  •    Slovenian company RTVSLO has decided to cut down the expenses on participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 2004. RTVSLO will not finance a Slovenian support team which will go on the Eurovision. Also RTVSLO  will not finance filming of a clip on song  Stay Forever of duet Platin. The official Slovenian delegation also will be smaller. Now the duet searches for sponsors who will agree to finance filming of a clip.

  •    According to a website  esctoday.com the representative of  Greece - Sakis Rouvas - will visit Helsinki, Finland on April, 14, where he will give some interview and will act with a concert at one of night clubs of city.

  •    The person whom on May, 15 on the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 will declare results of German voting is named. It will Thomas Anders, the former participant of group Modern Talking.

  •    According to a website  esctoday.com representatives of  Latvia,  Ivo Fomins & Tomass Kleins  will visit some countries with the purpose to promote their song - Dziesma par Laimi. Musicians have decided to begin this tour at Lithuania. Also the Latvian broadcaster - LTV  has suggested to duet to record their song on several languages - Estonian, Lithuanian, German, Ukrainian and English.

  •    According to a website  esctoday.com only countries, which have agreed to broadcast qualifier round of the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 will be able vote in it.  Read more...

  •    Another two mp3-versions of songs from the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 - a song  À Chaque Pas of  Jonatan Cerrada, representative of  France, and song  Shake It  of  Sakis Rouvas, the representative of  Greece available to download on a website  eurovisionturkey.net  now. The new version of song  For Real  of  group  Athena - representatives of  Turkey - is also available. But I think that the old version was better...

  •    April Fools’ jokes are popular not only at Russia. David D’Or  had been hoaxed during participation on radio programm.  Read more...


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