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Free mp3 from the Eurovision Song Contests. Year 2004

  Attention! Unfortunately, the website  eurovisionturkey.net  temporarily does not work (it was hacked by Bosnian hackers at the middle of April). But it will been restored after some period of time. For now the most part of links accordingly does not work. I bring my apologies.

  If you will dowmload songs from website  mp3.volpi.ru click on link “СКАЧАТЬ ПРИ ПОМОЩИ...” at mp3.volpi.ru page

  49-th Eurovision Song Contest 2004. Istanbul, Turkey.

  Country  Performer  Song  Where download mp3
     Austria   Tie Break   Du Bist   mp3.volpi.ru
     Belarus   Alexandra & Konstantin   My Galileo   ak.fromby.net
     Belgium   Xandee   1 Life   mp3.volpi.ru
     Croatia   Ivan Mikulich   You Were My Only Love   hrt.hr
     Denmark   Tomas Thordarson   Shame on You (Sig Det’ Løgn)   mp3.volpi.ru
     Estonia   Neiokösö   Tii   mp3.volpi.ru (30 sec.)
     Finland   Jari Sillanpää   Takes 2 to Tango   mp3.volpi.ru
     France   Jonatan Cerrada   À Chaque Pas   keithm.utvinternet.ie  (video)
     Germany   Max   Can’t Wait Until Tonight   keithm.utvinternet.ie  (video)
     Greece   Sakis Rouvas   Shake It   keithm.utvinternet.ie  (video)
     Israel   David D’Or   Le’ha’amin   mp3.volpi.ru
     Latvia   Ivo Fomins & Tomass Kleins   Dziesma par Laimi   mp3.volpi.ru  (rus. ver.)
   mp3.volpi.ru  (lat. ver.)
     Macedonia   Tose Proeski   Life is a Book (Angel Si Ti)   mp3.volpi.ru
     Malta   Julie & Ludwig   On Again Off Again   ludwigandjulie.com
     Monaco   Maryon   Prenez Soin de Notre Planéte   keithm.utvinternet.ie  (video)
     Netherlands   Reunion   Without You   mp3.volpi.ru
     Norway   Knut Anders   High   keithm.utvinternet.ie  (video)
     Poland   Blue Cafe   Love Song   mp3.volpi.ru
     Portugal   Sofia   Foi Magia   mp3.volpi.ru
     Romania   Sanda Ladosi   I Admit   keithm.utvinternet.ie  (video)
     Russia   Julia Savicheva   Believe Me   mp3.volpi.ru
     Serbia & Montenegro   Željko Joksimovic   Lane moje   zeljkojoksimovic.com  (192 kb/s) or
   mp3.volpi.ru  (96 kb/s)
     Slovenia   Platin   Stay Forever   keithm.utvinternet.ie  (video)
     Spain   Ramón   Para Llenarme De Ti   mp3.volpi.ru
     Switzerland   Piero Esteriore   Celebrate   keithm.utvinternet.ie  (video)
     Turkey   Athena   For Real   keithm.utvinternet.ie  (video)
     Ukraina   Ruslana (Ruslana Lyzhychko)   Wild Dances   mp3.volpi.ru
     The United Kindom of Great Britain   James Fox   Hold on to Our Love   keithm.utvinternet.ie  (video)

  All these links are worked till 30.01.2004. If any link is dead now, you may write to me, I correct such link. The flags taken from site:

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