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    Lior Narkis

Lior Narkis - Israeli participant on Eurovision Song Contest 2003 

    Lior Narkis was born in Israel in 1976. Since the earliest childhood he dreamed to become the singer. The first album, “Tfilat Chayay” (“The Prayer of My Life”) he has released at very young age - in 16 years old, in 1993. During the service in army in the Israel Defence Forces - IDF Lior  has joined to Tamir Tzur to create the first Mediterranean musical group. He started play at various restaurants and bars of  Israel. Later joint performances with Shlomi Shabbat have provided to him a national recognition.

Performance of Lior Narkis from Israel on Eurovision Song Contest 2003     Now Lior already has released eight albums (if to consider his last album, “Millim Laahava” - “Many Words Of Love”, released in 2003). His first albums - “Ha-olam kmo galgal” (1994), “At hu ha-kokhav”, “Simanim” (1998) and “Hai le-ahavah” have not brought to the singer of the big popularity. But his sixth album under the number, “Rak Itakh” (“Only with You”), has made Lior Narkis rather popular executor of the Israeli music. The album has been released in 2000, it include the known hit in Israel - “Lekhol Ekhad Yesh” (“Everyone Has”). Besides this hit has deserved ranks Israeli “Song of year”. In 2002 Lior has released the seventh album - “Ze Mehalev” (“Straight from the Heart”). The album has been named still the big success of Narkis, many songs from it have got the big popularity. Generally Lior’s songs represent a mix from pop of Middle East and latin dancing rhythms.

    It is a lot of admirers and fans at Lior Narkis, it is especial among the youngest representatives of the female population of Israel. It speaks, that Lior has a pleasant chocolate voice. The “Jerusalem Post” had written, that his voice “ in style of the lover-boy - Iglesias, though more likely in style Julio, than Enrike ”.

Performance of Lior Narkis from Israel on Eurovision Song Contest 2003     Lior Narkis is represents Israel on Eurovision Song Contest 2003. 27-years old executor has been elected to this role by committee of the Israeli Broadcasting Authority - IBA at the end of  November, 2002, thanking the of huge popularity in the musical world of the Israeli pop. The decision was that Lior will execute four songs, and then sitizens of Israel will vote for that song which, in its opinion, most of all approaches for the Eurovision. Also the jury should take part in voting, whose voices had weight of 40 % (a voice of inhabitants, accordingly, 60 %).

    Voting has been carried out on January, 23, 2003, and has organized by Channel One of the Israeli TV. Thus, Israel began one of the first countries which have ratified a song who will represent the country on Eurovision Song Contest 2003. As well as it has been solved, Lior has executed all four songs - “Milim Shel Ahava” (Many Words For Love) - a mix music 60-years and Ricky Martin, “God Bless the Universe” (“Barech et Ha’Olam”) - a mix of classical music of Israel and songs from a musicals, “Choopy Choopy” - a composition in style of house-dance and “Lo Rotze Lihyot Kokachav” (“Don’t Want to be a Star”) - a romantic ballad (so manager of Narkis has characterized thouse compositions). Voting with a huge separation has won Many Words For Love. This song written at once in two languages, has received 75 % of all voices, having made Israel one of two countries which representatives sang at once in several languages (the second country - Poland with song Bez Granic (Without Borders).

Performance of Lior Narkis from Israel on Eurovision Song Contest 2003     “ When I hade know, that I shall represent Israel on Eurovision Song Contest 2003, tears have appeared on my eyes ” - speaks Lior Narkis - “ As it has been told in news, my phone did not stop to call. I am in a condition of ecstasy. I am extremely proud and happy to be the representative of Israel whom I love and to which I am adhered by all soul ”.

    By the way, one of the Israeli newspapers, “Yediot Ahronot”, has accused organizers of the Israeli final in corruption, and Lior Narkis himself - in connection with criminal structures. In the answer a number of the Israeli actors, in the best Soviet traditions, have there and then signed the letter in support of the singer.

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