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    Stelios Constantas

Stelios Constantas - participant from Cyprus on Eurovision Song Contest 2003 
  •   Country:   Cyprus
  •   Song:        Feeling Alive

  •   Number of performance:   9
  •   Rating:   10
  •   Place:     20

  •   web-site:   Alas...

    Stelios Constantas was born in Larnaka (known as well as Larnax) - the small seaport, located at southeast coast of island Cyprus, in the same gulf Larnaka. Stelios started to show interest to music already in the age of five years. Approximately at the same time he has bought the his first music album. Soon after that he started to study music and a guitar playing in Larnax musical school. Besides Constantas during long time was engaged in football in the his home city, but, eventually, he has preferred to leave football and further to be engaged only in musical career. Now he is a singer having big enough popularity on island Cyprus.

Performance of Stelios Constantas from Cyprus on Eurovision Song Contest 2003     Professional musical career of Constantas began approximately in 1993. By his own words, him has had the luck to work with such actors, as Anna Vissy (she, as well as Constantas, once took part in the national ending of a choice songs for the Eurovision), Aristos Moshovakis, Margarita Zorbala, Marios Tokas, George Hadjinasios and Marios Meletiou.

    In 1994 Constantas has got the big popularity on Cyprus due to the first album “Apopse Stin Skopia”. Soon he has released three more albums, and, besides one mini-album - “Me Taxidevis”. Since 2001 Stelios Constantas has moved to Athenes where will live now together with the his wife and three children. In Athenes he worked with Nikos Kourkoulis and Antique.

    Till now Stelios Constantas already two times took part in the national endings of a choice songs for Eurovision Song Contest - in 1997 and in 1999. In 1997 with a song “I grammitis ntropi ” he has taken the second place, and in 1999 with a song “Methysmeno feggari ” - only the fourth.

Performance of Stelios Constantas from Cyprus on Eurovision Song Contest 2003     In 2002 Cyprus has occupied 6-th place on Eurovision Song Contest 2002 with a song “Gimme”, written in English, that is not bad for Cyprus. Therefore in 2003 CyBC has decided to fix this success. In the national ending for the right to represent Cyprus on Eurovision Song Contest 2003 the well-known singers competed some, but the first place has occupied by Stelios Constantas with song  Feeling Alive.

    Feeling Alive  is the first song which Constantas has written independently. According to the singer, “ The choice song Feeling Alive  to represent Cyprus on Eurovision Song Contest 2003 has made me very happy, but it also has charged me with very big responsibility for good performance in Latvia ”.

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